‘It’s a black thang’ – You better tell her, Mike!



[Image seen @ pnc’s wicked blog, psychonappy] [1]

In the leaked phone conversation, at one point, Mike + Glenda are talking about a relationship and he says to her something along the lines of the girl had his nose wide open. Glenda doesn’t get it and Michael explains:

“It’s a black thang”

The way he says it reminds me a lot of convos I have had with friends about things we are black people do. Obviously Mike is referring to black american slang for being in love, but is there anything else that we can categorise as being a ‘black thang’? I think there are lots of things, but it is definitely controversial. Among the following things I see loosely as ‘black things’ are:

  1. Supporting black people in the public eye: Michael still had a LOT of support from black communities worldwide despite all the controversy. I heard a stat that said from the exit polls of the US election this year, almost 97% of African-Americans who voted chose Barack. Doesn’t take a scientist…
  2. Crabs: On the flipside, there are crabs in a barrel as well. But I only think this happens with some people have nothing else to do or dream about.
  3. Being suspicious or wary of anyone who tries a bit too hard to be down: You know what I mean….right?
  4. Education: A high premium is put on education throughout all black people in the world.

I think Michael is right. There are certain things which are very ‘black’. And judging from Michael’s gangster attitude in his later years, it carries through with you in your life.


[1] – How cute is Mike in pnc’s picture above? Too cute wub


17 thoughts on “‘It’s a black thang’ – You better tell her, Mike!

  1. You could really hear the longing in Michael’s voice when he talks about wanting a relationship ( I think this was Part 3). This goes with what was said earlier, that he was a monogamous guy, not into groupies and one night stands. He was so sensitive…

    • Part 3 is my favorite too. I don’t think it’s about monogamy, I think he was more interested in someone that felt right for him on all levels. Sometimes it’s not about the physical. Obviously, he could have any woman he wanted (except Diana), if all he were interested in was sex. I would say he was more interested in a deep, inner connection with someone. Dating and making romantic connections was probably impossible for someone as famous as he was.

    • where can I find the rest of the conversation videos for this? I’ve already watched 1-4, I wanted to listen to the rest of them. Thanks..

  2. LOL! I loved that part too. He also keeps referring to himself as a black man throughout the whole conversation. For example when they talk about his tour in Germany and they talk about how German women love black men, LOL. He was also joking about the white man with that Kathy woman and how Kathy would never sleep with a white man. :))

    I never believed he hated his own race or something. Obviously he had other problems, psychological (his father telling him he was too black and didn’t look like his kid) or physical (vitiligo) or both, but I think the changing of his skin color was never about wanting to change his race.

    • @Suzy, he definitely didn’t hate where he was from. He was a great ambassador for our people. I wish more people could see that.

  3. Anyone who claims MJ was anything other than a proud black man doesn’t know a damn thing about MJ. Yes, we can go on and on about the plastic surgeries, but the number of black celebrities who haven’t had cosmetic surgery is far and few between. So if people are gonna get on Mike for having nose jobs, there’s a long line of black folks in the entertainment industry right behind him who need to be called out as well!

    And as MJ always said, no one would dare say that a white person risking skin cancer just to have a tan was trying to be black. No, it’s all fine and dandy then, isn’t it! LOL

    • @Kelley, and you know that’s the truth! If Mike wanted plastic surgery, so be it! It has F ALL to do with us. He was clearly a good person and that’s all that matters.

      Love this bloke. And that picture is too cute.

  4. Ha ha, Aulelia. Thanks for the shoutout!

    And that’s my favorite comment from Mike’s tapes…and that it took him along time to get over Diana after being in love with her in his head FOREVER!

    • @pnc, aww him + Diana. Poor darling 😦 Unrequited love hurts like a bloody …… insert expletive here. I love that picture — it’s too cute.

    • So true! You can even by looking at vids of them on youtube and its quite clear he had it bad lol. There are also some Jackson 5 interviews up on there and every time he mentions her name his brothers would tease him about it. In an at home interview they began talking about what type of girls they like and Mike goes “I like girls with big pretty eyes”, they all get quiet, then bust out laughing, cause its quite obvious who he was referring to.

  5. That is a cute picture. And that was probably my favorite part of the conversation-“It’s a Black thing.” He kept it real no matter who he was talking to.

    • @Aisha, he really did keep it real. Just sounds like the most unpretentious person in celebdom. Love him. It’s even in the way he said it, he has so much attitude and style.

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