Beyoncé’s ‘I Am..Tour’ Sold Seats at an Amazing 97%

Well damn, Bee – there is no need to slay so many people in one go!

bee snl

[Image: Beyoncé World]

PR Newswire have reported that Beyoncé’s ‘I Am..’ Tour has sold an incredible 97% of her tour. Yes people, 97% across the entire world so far.

So far, the tour has made £15million ($26m) and she still has a few more dates in August and November. All her London & Dublin dates sold out as well. I’m going to try my best to go again in November. I went in May and had a rollicking time.


3 thoughts on “Beyoncé’s ‘I Am..Tour’ Sold Seats at an Amazing 97%

  1. My sister was working at an event for the radio station in Toronto. My sister had to work outside of the stadium but she says she heard Beyonce sing. My sister says Beyonce has an amazing voice and she is indeed a very good singer.

    All the reviews I have read about Beyonce’s tour says she is a professional. She works hard and it’s no surprise her tour is making a ton of money. The great part for Beyonce is since she’s an artist the singer makes most of the profits. The record label doesn’t get any of the tour money.

  2. I’m so gutted she’s not coming to Glasgow, apparently she said ‘it’s too cold’ I dunno if I believe that though…

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