Mike’s Mafia Attitude is Off the Wall: The Phone Conversation Analysis

[Special thanks to Charcoalie Kelley to alerting me about this video. I  felt uneasy listening but did anyway.]

Click below to listen to Part 1

LMFAO @ Mike’s impression of Joe’s voice. Spot on!

Click to listen to Part 2

Michael was so gangster. Love it! Seemed like such a lovely man. It’s interesting to note how he always called his father ‘Joseph’ still. But called Katherine ‘mother’. AND WHAT THE F??? Joseph has another child????

Charcoalie Asha summed up my feelings on Joseph Jackson perfectly in a previous post:

Some of things he said have unfortunately given me more evidence to back up my claim of disliking someone I don’t even know, yes I talking to YOU JOE JACKSON!!! I can’t believe that ASSHOLE said those things to Randy, and overall just treated his children in such a disgusting way.

Tell us how you really feel, Asha!


39 thoughts on “Mike’s Mafia Attitude is Off the Wall: The Phone Conversation Analysis

  1. A while later they got married and moved into Hayvenhurst along with his “assistant” who come
    to find out was having in affair with Jermaine. She claims to have seen Joe coming from the assistants room with a condom hanging from his pocket…father and son fucking the same woman….eww. The other brothers were cheating on their wives as well, with exception of Marlon and Michael, none of them seemed to have any respect for women. Tito’s wife walked in on him having sex with another woman, and he justified it by saying they weren’t having sex enough so he got it else where. I still have yet to get to the part where Jermaine gets with Randy’s wife.

    As far as music goes, I believe Jermaine had always wanted to be the lead and get all the attention. When they worked on 2300 Jackson street album and Jackie had the lead on songs, he would go back in the studio and re-record them with his self as the lead. Apparently Jermaine made that diss song because he was making an album and he found out Mike was using the same producers, so he flew into a rage and made several calls to Michael and since he couldn’t get in contact with him, he made that shitty song. He told his wife he was proud of it and something along the lines of “Now he’ll finally see me as a threat”..yea right. Anyway the two met up at the family home and their mother was the mediator. After it was over and both brothers had left, Katherine told Margaret that all Michael did was cry and ask Jermaine why he did it and how could he do it to him, but he never answered the question and went on and how about his record was going to put him on top.. jackass

    Sorry my post was so long but I thought you guys would be interested in hearing about how much of a biatch Jermaine was, well hopefully he has since changed for the better.

    • @Asha, firstly, your comment wasn’t long at all. This is your space too so always write what you feel 🙂

      WTF??? FATHER + SON bonking the same bird? The Jacksons are crazy!

      I so need to write abt the Jermaine fucking Randy’s bird thing. That is crazy. BTW, was Tito’s first wife a sister? I saw an old JET cover with them on but I wasn’t sure if she was a sister or not. I hate how men think it is okay to find sex elsewhere. How about trying to fix the relationship instead of running away with your dick hanging out just because you want a release? Just a suggestion to the men out ther.

      Jermaine really is the most insincere member of the group. At the end of the day like I have always said, Jermaine couldn’t make it because of the following:
      a) he was not willing to work hard like Mike + Janet
      b) he is not humble enough
      c) NO DRIVE.

      Sounds awful and harsh, but just how I see it. I really have no respect for Jermaine and I actually find his behaviour really flagrant and I am sure I am not the first Mike stan to feel this way.

      Love your comments!

      • Yeah, it does seem (from various conversations over the years and that song) that Jermaine had jealousies towards Mike. He sang lead until Michael came along. But I also think he loved his little brother very much. The jealousy got in the way.

        That is something Joe, Jermaine and LaToya all have in common-they all want to be in the spotlight and were therefore jealous of Mike.

        Don’t even get me started on Jermaine knocking up 2 chicks at once, and also having kids by his brother’s wife. Now wonder Mike and Janet kept their distance from the rest of the family.

      • Thanks!
        Your right, maybe he just wasn’t hungry enough a.k.a he didn’t have much drive like the other two.

        I’m just going to be painfully honest here for a moment….I think Jermaine just didn’t have IT, the way Michael had IT. Jermaine’s singing wasn’t too bad and his dancing was o.k. at best, but Mike was a natural in both areas.

        Regarding Tito’s wife, I think I read somewhere that she was an afro-latina, here’s their wedding pic : http://img382.imageshack.us/img382/9831/aagainxj9.gif

  2. I found Jermaine’s ex wife’s book online “Jackson Family Values”, and I must say, if what she says is true is a nasty no moral mf lol. Not only did he cheat on his first wife Hazel, with Margaret he got both of them pregnant at the same time. After his and Margaret’s son was born, he convinced Hazel that THEY were going to adopt the child from Margaret, well Hazel didn’t know about his
    plans of leaving her for Margaret so when she found out a little while later she divorced his ass.

    Also him and some friends went on a trip to Gambon (I think), he came back complained about
    not feeling well, a couple of days later Margaret complained of the same symptoms he had, well they both went to the doctor who told her they had contracted some kind of “african flu” nonsense, well later on, the doctor called and told her that Jermaine forced him to come up with the illness when in reality she contracted gonnorhea from him after he had had unprotected sex while he was away. Then the mf tried to flip the script and said that she must have gave it to him smh.

  3. Wow, Aulelia. I don’t even know where to begin…thanks for posting these tapes. I’m overwhelmed. And annoyed that someone could invade his privacy in this manner. It’s despicable, yet I found myself listening to all four parts to get a sense of who Michael was psychologically. I love the part where he said he was in love with Diana forever…in his head. I believe most of his romances primarily existed there. I am officially blown away by these tapes. I’ll talk about it more when I calm down. Plus I saw Grace Jones in concert last night and I’m still on a high right now!

  4. Have you checked out part 4?, He talks about how he use to overhear Joe having sex with groupies in the room next to his smh @ at his disgusting ass, and also about he warned one girl not to sleep with Jackie because he would just throw her away after and of course she did it anyway. As far as Joe saying that boy is Mike’s child, I think he is saying ANYTHING to try and keep the spot light on himself as long as possible. I take whatever comes out of his and Latoya’s mouths with a grain of salt. It’s wrong to say BUT both are attention whores as far as I’m concerned. Also I don’t think Joe took time to get REALLY get to know his children at all, he was too busy trying to control them.

    • @Asha, Yeah I heard P4. I can’t believe Jackie was so irresponsible to take some girl’s virginity BACK-STAGE??? Seriously – that’s some WTF behaviour.

      As far as I am concerned, that BOY is NOT Michael’s child because no DNA test has proved otherwise.

      I highly doubt Michael would leave his own flesh + blood child out his own friggin’ WILL! Joe may do that but I just can’t see Mike doing that.

      No, I wholly agree with you on Joe. Tito, LT, Jermaine have all sold their stories to UK newspapers for money. I think that’s so wrong.

      • Joe was an extremely shitty role model, he basically taught his boys that lying, cheating and mistreating women was ok. Unfortunately most of them followed in his footsteps. I think the main reason Michael didn’t fall into all that was because of the close realtionship he had with his mother. He saw first hand how his father infidelities affected her and the whole family, which in turn probably made him want to be the complete opposite of him. I doubt Joe would even entertain the possibility that Mike was most likely a virgin until marriage (judging by the convo), because if he had been in his position he would have been screwing and dropping girls left and right, hell he probably assumed Mike was doing so already.

        Off topic: Here’s a pic of Joe’s daughter: http://hateonme.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/johvonnie-jackson.jpg

        • @Asha: T4P the picture of JohV. She look like her Baba.

          Did anyone notice Mike’s reticence when he talked about JohV? It’s like he acknowledges that is his half sister but hates the adulterous nature she came out of.

          You are absolutely right. Joe would have left a trail of babies lying all over the place had he been in Mike’s place. Shit, the kids would have been like crumbs!

    • “As far as Joe saying that boy is Mike’s child, I think he is saying ANYTHING to try and keep the spot light on himself as long as possible. ”

      This is exactly how I feel. I don’t trust those two. Besides, I think Joe is trying to bring Mike to his level since HE had an outside child.

  5. Yes, Joseph has another child. I think she’s like 34 or 35 now. I remember many many years ago seeing a picture of her in some gossip magazine. Girl, she looked just like Janet during her Good Times days. Those Jackson genes are strong and there’s no denying that girl! LOL

    Also, Joe today is claiming that the young man alleged to be MJ’s love child is indeed his son. But according to the tapes, I believe MJ alludes that he’s a virgin so it would be impossible. Unless he didn’t count sleeping with a groupie as the real thing. Who knows. Even though the boy looks like MJ to me, if MJ claims he was still a virgin then it’s impossible.

    But I still wanna see a DNA test! LOL

    Yes, he is a gangsta on the phone! I love how he mocks Joseph’s business prowess. MJ has been a businessman since he was a child!

    • @Kelley, just can’t believe that Joe would have some child out of wedlock when he was married to Katharine. It’s so wrong.

      The boy looks like Mike after surgery though. So to me, I really REALLY don’t believe it. Sorry people!

      Michael was the definition of a mafioso. Too gangster for words. I love his impression of Joe’s voice.

      Is Joe Jackson from the ‘deep south’ as you Americans call it? He sounds like he has a Southern accent.

      I friggin’ love Michael Jacksom LMFAO

      –Faithful member of the Mike Mafia.

      • I know Katherine is originally from Alabama, which is the deep South, and that’s where she and Joe met. So I assume he was raised in the South as well.

        The Jacksons are part of what is called “The Great Migration” in American history. Basically, during the 20s and 30s, millions of black folks, who were based primarily in the South because of slavery, migrated to the North, looking for work and opportunity. The usually settled in places like Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Gary, etc. A lot of these blacks toiled in steel mills, like Joe Jackson did. Michelle Obama is also a child of the Great Migration and her family is originally from South Carolina. So, Michael Jackson’s life story is deeply ingrained in American history. He’s an American original.

        • @Kelley, thank you for contextualising their history. Very fascinating.

          I noticed Kathy had a strong lilt in her accent that didn’t sound anything like how Mike + his brothers sounded. And I noticed this of Joe as well so I just deduced was from the South as well.

          Although I’d hesitate to say Michael was an American original. His originality went beyond all borders. He was truly a world icon.

          • He crossed all borders and touched the hearts and minds of people around the globe, but he’s rooted in what is the very essence of the American Dream.

      • I forgot to add. Joseph had a secretary who used to cover for him while he would go visit his child. Katherine though she was having an affair with him. So she, Janet and Randy went to Motown offices and beat the HOLY HELL out of this woman!

        • @Aisha, HELL YEAH!

          Amazing! I love Katharine. She is so gangster and has passed on that ‘don’t ramp’ attitude’ to Rebbie + Janet.

          Love it!

          • Yeah but she should have beat Joe instead of that poor lady. She got sent to he hospital and she wasn’t even doing anything. Joe should have gotten his head busted, not her, lol.

            • @Aisha, actually that is true. I don’t think Joe would have stood a chance. Katharine is tough.

              To the hospital? Well to be fair, if she was flirting with him or fucking him and she KNEW he was married, then…you know…*crickets*

              • I don’t agree with that, because it is only up to her and her husband to hold the marriage vows sacred. Nobody can get between them unless one of them allows it.

                I’m just saying, she shows all this strength to a potential mistress, but none to her cheating husband. Where was that when he was beating her kid’s asses?

                Oh well, everybody’s human.

      • Not only is Joe from the South, but he is country as hell, lol. Mike himself has a bit of a southern twang at times. You could hear it more when he was younger.

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