Charcoal Question: Why do some people HATE…

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…Beyoncé? I honestly am asking this to anyone who wants to debate this in an intelligent way. I have been reading many blogs and since Dangerously in Love came out in 2003, the hatred (yes I said it) that some people have had for this woman has been staggering to read.

Amongst other things, commenters online have called her:

  • a bitch [and not in the empowering way]
  • overrated
  • raggedy (seriously?)

It’s fair to say that I am a mega-Bee stan. After Michael Jackson, she is my favourite singer/entertainer. I have been to her ’07 concert in Paris and one concert she has done in London earlier this year. So my impartiality can be challenged, but I am not a fawning type of fan who thinks everything she does is great.

While most people think Crazy in Love is her magnum opus, I think Déja Vu was her crowning glory because it was more experimental. Lots of other people like Irreplaceable, whereas I lean more towards the slower cuts that she has sung like Kitty Kat. One thing I have never understood is why some people continuously stalk this woman on the Internet with her posts if they hate her so much. Why is she so unpopular with the majority of people who go online, yet how come she is selling out her tours worldwide and becoming the richest female entertainer in the W-O-R-L-D?

It leads me to one, only conclusion I can think of: jealousy.

To me, it does not really matter if you don’t like Beyoncé or not. Not everyone has to like her and I am definitely not saying you all have to like her. My issue is with the people who call her horrible names and do not know her from Adam. How can you make assumptions on someone’s private relationship and claim that Rihanna is going out with Jay-Z? WTF is that shit about?

It leads me to think that most of the people who go online and try and destroy her reputation are jealous people, who hate the fact that she does the following impeccably:

1. Works hard:  I swear down, Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers may as well be about Bee.

2. Seems approachable & friendly

3. Hasn’t had a public meltdown or scandal affect her

I like Bee because she is so hard-working and I respect that in anyone, whether you are a successful singer or a plumber. I really want to hear your thoughts on this.

Get it, Beyoncé!

Bee Dereon


27 thoughts on “Charcoal Question: Why do some people HATE…

  1. she’s a great artist and i was a fan of destiny’s child from back in the day kelly is my favourite i got beyonce’s first album but around her 2nd album i started hating cos i wasn’t feelin her music nemore (deja vu,irreplaceable) then i loved greenlight.neway wont call myself a stan but i do believe there is jealousy but i also hate how wen anyone listens to an r’n’b girl on youtube they automatically get compared to Beyonce and put down even ,Beyonce wasn’t as great as she is wen she started out.

    • @lizzy, i love greenlight as well. beyonce is the greatest singer of this current generation of the 00’s so i think that’s why people get compared to her i think.

      love beyonce!

  2. personally im not a fan of the music,not that il say its not deep or anything.that would be hypocrisy since i am a fan of Britney:)the sad thing about it is that some really stupid people decide to attack the person and not the music.

    i wish they knew that while they are busy creating hate sites and comments people like Beyonce and Britney are laughing all the way to the bank.its really sad because i dont think these people even bother reading all the BS written about them.think of it this way,the more sites you create dedicated to them,the more exposure you are giving thing for sure,i know i wont stop being a Brit fan coz of the haters and im sure its the same for Beyonce’s fans.So to all the haters,STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND GET A LIFE!!!!

    Long live BRITNEY!!

  3. Actually Aulelia, Michael Jackson wrote Billie Jean and Beat it all by himself. Michael Jackson is an incredible songwriter. Sure, Michael has written songs with other people. However, Michael Jackson has written most of his own songs.

    However, Beyonce I doubt she writes her songs at all. There are constant controversies over her songwriting abilities. I don’t understand why Beyonce lies about writing her own songs?

  4. Aulelia, have you heard the latest controversy about Beyonce’s songwriting skills? The song “Halo” wasn’t written by Beyonce it was written by some guy name Ryan Tedder.
    Tedder wrote a song for Kelly Clarkson “already gone” that sounds exactly similar to Halo.

    The reason people are upset with Beyonce is because she LIES about writing her own songs.
    Often Beyonce and her father will hire songwriters but in order for the songwriter to make money Beyonce has to get a writing credit. Some big stars do this to appear more legitimate.

    Ne Yo said he’s the one that wrote the song “irreplaceable” not Beyonce. But since Beyonce is a huge star she got a songwriting credit. I don’t think it’s right that Beyonce is getting songwriting credits when she clearly is not writing her own songs.

  5. I think people are upset about how Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles dealt with the whole Destiny Child situation. Knowles made Beyonce the star but truth be told she is the most talented in the group.

    A more subversive issue people refuse to discuss is Beyonce’s racial background. Beyonce doesn’t look “just black”. Yes I know Aulelia, you say Beyonce is “black”. However, you must admit Beyonce does not look like the typical black girl. Beyonce also wears a blonde weave which enhances her Eurocentric appearance. The reason Beyonce is popular is she is “kind of black and kind of white”. If Beyonce looked like Kelly Rowland I doubt she would be very popular.
    My opinion is since Beyonce has Eurocentric features she is able to cross over. It is the reason the music industry has found a lot of “black girls” with white features such as Rihanna, Leona Lewis, and Alicia Keys. The ideology is mixed race girls can “sell” crossover to the white marketplace then darker skinned black women. Let’s be honest can anyone name a young black female singer that’s dark skinned that’s selling a gazillion albums?

  6. PNC said it all. Now if I could only say that without the tomatoes being thrown at me, then we’d be cool. Still love the fact that you’re so passionate about it though. I’m sure she would appreciate the love.

  7. she is pretty, she is talented, but when she talks, she seems a little vacant. Like a person who hasn’t been allowed to experiance things that she would like. she seems nice but very sheltered.

    I am saying that as a fan who buys her records..

    • All I know is I can’t get enough of Bee.

      She’s beautiful, hard-working and the baddest female singer in the industry.

      Get it, B!

  8. Beyonce is all surface and no substance. This is why controversy surrounds Beyonce. She proclaims to write and produce music, but she never actually had a hit where she is the sole producer and/or songwriter(composer). IMO along with many others -“The lady doth protest too much.”

    • @Aja, Beyonce has a lot of substance to her. It’s just that most of her singles are banging uptempos so people think that she doesn’t have substance.

      Have you listened to her albums?

      Many people DO NOT have hits where they are the sole writers/producers. Michael Jackson’s biggest hits were also co-written with him.

      2 heads are better than one.

  9. Aulelia,

    I really liked Destiny’s Child. I thought they were a great group, that is until all of the drama started. At that point I lost interest. As for Bey as a solo artist; I think she’s okay. I don’t dislike her. Mainly I just think she’s over exposed. She never gives the public a chance to miss her.

    But there is one thing I really, really like about Bey; her likkle sis! Lol


    • @M, but the drama happened for reasons not many of us will ever know about.

      LOL, Monie, you are getting my blood boiling now >> overexposure does NOT EXIST!

      People who are in the public eye are there because there is a market who are ready to consume what they have to say/sell/sing!

      Why should the public miss her? Her real fans can’t get enough of her and that’s why Bee is the Queen!

  10. I’ve never commented on Beyonce here, because I don’t want to break your heart Aulelia…

    But since you asked…

    Beyonce is SOULLESS. I feel nothing when she sings. She is an example of MANUFACTURED TALENT. Although she can sing. But just because you can sing, doesn’t mean you can feel. When I look into her eyes, I see DEADness, a vacancy, a lack of wit and intelligence. For the life of me, I don’t know why she is so popular. I find her hypersexuality desperate, boring and obvious.

    I remember a time when black female singers were just IT –

    Billie Holiday
    Aretha Franklin
    Diana Ross
    Grace Jones
    Stephanie Mills
    Lauryn Hill
    Phyliss Hyman
    First Choice
    Gwen McCrae
    The Jones Girls
    Roberta Flack
    Mary J. Blige
    Chaka Khan
    Lillias White
    Evelyn Champagne King
    Sylvia Strippling
    Nina Simone
    Linda Clifford
    Patti Labelle
    Donna Summer
    Minnie Riperton
    Tracy Chapman
    Angela Bofill
    Tina Turner

    …the list goes on and on….and Beyonce is NONE of these women. Sure she can preform, but her music is generic and forgettable. Do you really think she’ll matter in 30 years, like my beloved Michael Jackson matters now? I doubt it, highly.

    • You said it all. To me, Beyonce is basically a sane version of Britney Spears. Oh, and she can sing. She’s not mentally and she has vocal ability, but other than that, as far as musical ability and performance, she’s as manufactured and phony as Britney.

      I do not see her as an artist in any way at all. She’s not even close to MJ status. No way. There’s nothing creative about the woman. Put her in room by herself and tell her to come up with a song and she couldn’t do it.

      I also don’t like how she’s so male identified. I don’t see her as a strong woman at all. Her girl power songs come off as phony to me when her life was first controlled by Matthew and now by Jay Z. That’s a sheltered girl, not a strong woman. And don’t even get me started on how to turns a blind eye to Jay-Z’s cheating. He’s got a girlfriend here in ATL and has been seen with her several times at clubs here. It’s ridiculous how open he is about it. But she’s “Ms. Independent”, right? Please.

      • @pnc, lol, aww thanks for thinking of me + my heart 😉

        Okay first things first, I don’t really think it is fair to compare Bee to people like Tina Turner, because Bee is definitely influenced by Tina, not the other way round and Beyoncé would be the first person to say that.

        Her music is also not forgettable — Crazy in Love anyone? Her uptempos are classics that will be played in clubs for time to come.

        I think her wit and intelligence is seen in her performances. She knows how to anticipate what the crowd and audience wants to see her. She focuses so hard when she performs, and I don’t think she looks dead in the eyes, in fact, I think she concentrates so hard.

      • Jay-Z has a girlfriend in ATL? Until I see her walking around with Jay, I can’t believe it.

        He is married. So many people hate that she is beautiful + that she has a man who loves her.

        • Yes, Jay Z has a girlfriend in ATL. Yes, this is common knowledge, just like Diddy’s other baby mama in ATL was common knowledge before the fans knew. I won’t address the Rhianna rumors, but since he is an adulterer, I do believe them, but I’ll stick with what I know to be true. What nearly 40 year old man “hangs out” by himself with a 19 year old girl who’s not his daughter? Please. No, I don’t hate Beyonce because of her looks. Hell, I think I’m finer! LOL! And I’m not saying that Jay-Z doesn’t love her, but he’s not showing her respect by cavorting around with other women, or that one woman in particular. But I think she has an old school mentality that she picked up from watching her mother and father’s sham of a marriage. Mama Tina turns a blind eye, but I give her a pass cause she’s old school and I doubt she even believes in divorce. But Beyonce is supposed Ms. Independent Woman and whatnot, yet she turns a blind eye when she ought to kick him to the curb. For all that she has going on as far as her career and looks, to be is screams “insecure” to stay with Jay-Z. Now, maybe it’s a money and status thing, and maybe they have some kind of agreement, and maybe she’s got her own man on the side! But I don’t respect her male identified persona at all. So when I hear a song with empowering lyrics like “Single Ladies” come from her, all I can do is roll my eyes at the phoniness of it all.

          Though the one thing I like about Beyonce is Solange. Now, she’s got spunk! Had Solange sung “Single Ladies”, I could feel it because she would know what she’s talking about.

          • Honestly, it seems like you are basing your opinion on a lot of unsubstantiated rumors. In the world of the internet, people (not necessarily saying you) forget that they don’t actually KNOW these celebrities. You speak with such conviction on the personal lives of people you’ve never even met.

  11. I don’t hate Beyonce and I think she is hard-working, but I also think she is overrated. To me, her songs are pretty average. I bet other people actually hate her music and maybe misplace their hatred onto her as a person instead of just on her music.

    • That’s the thing. There are those who genuinely dislike her music, and they get lumped in with those that hate her for no reason. The people who dislike her music usually aren’t talking about her weave or her body though, lol.

      • No, they do. People aren’t generally good at compartmentalizing their criticisms. It tends to be an all or nothing. Hate everything about her or love everything about her.

        • In my experience, people who don’t like her music tend to have more intelligent responses, like the posters on here. Their criticisms on her looks on much further down on the list. Whereas those who simply hate on her will right away start talking about she has a bad weave or is “fake.” I can usually tell the difference right away.

  12. The same reason a lot of people hated on Mike-jealousy. I remember people hating on her since Destiny’s Child Days-I followed them almost from the start. Anyone who is on top gets hated on.

    • That’s true. And amen to people hating on Michael for the jealousy.

      It just seems so unrelenting. Her singing may not be to everyone’s taste (i love it) but no one can deny her hard work has got her where she is.

      Same with Mike.

      Hard work beats talent each time.

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