Mike & My Mind in the Gutter

mike fine

Can we say that this brother is packing? I’m just observing…


13 thoughts on “Mike & My Mind in the Gutter

  1. Here’s an interview he did with ET, he looks cute as usual, with those damn glasses lol! But let me leave him alone, that was his style

  2. You are really *trying* to see what the rest of the world just didn’t…good for you, I guess…

    • Kandeezie, I really don’t get why you are coming to throw shade onto the post.

      I am all for people expressing their opinions and I don’t mean this negatively, but a lot of your comments recently have had a lot of sting in them. Not really sure why because your blog itself is quote positive.

      So I’m a bit confused but oh well. You’ve made it clear that you don’t like Michael Jackson so…?

      • I’m saying that although I disagree with you on a lot of things, I really really like your passion. It helps me to see the other side of peoples’ likes and dislikes. Sorry for the sting. I will be more considerate.

  3. If you wanna see MJ packing, you need to get acquainted with his gold pants from the Dangerous tour. LOL! You’ll see what I mean!

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