Quote of the Week: Denzel Washington on his wife, Pauletta

He was on BBC1 on Jonathan Ross’ show on Friday.


Wannabees like Soulja Boy could learn a lot from this Oscar nominated actor. Denzel said about his wife, Pauletta on the idea that behind every great man, there’s a great woman, he went on to say:

My wife’s always in front. I’m following her.

There are no words. Such a humble, fun man — and still absolutely beautiful to look at. Love Denzel and I stan hard for this guy too!


10 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Denzel Washington on his wife, Pauletta

  1. It’s almost like these days in order to find a good black man, you have to go after an older black man. Seriously! It seems like all the brothas under 40 are trippin’ in how they treat black women.

    One of the things I love most about President Obama is how he treats his wife. He treats her like a queen! I love it.

    • @Kelley, LMFAO @ your whole comment. You are speaking the HONEST truth. I am already starting to look properly at old-school black men.

      • Seriously! I don’t know if I’m just old school or what, but I want to be treated a certain way. I don’t know what the guys are like in the U.K., but here in Atlanta, it’s like guys just don’t know how to treat a woman. They don’t want to take you out on the town, they want to come over to your house and chill everyday. All of my relationships have been backwards. First they wanna come over and hang out at your apartment and sex you, and then they will take you out and get to know you later in the relationship. It’s like “hooking up” first is just expected! That’s backwards! Brothas don’t know how to court a sista anymore!

        I’m too old for this and I know better now. I’m pushing 30 and I’ve finally realized that I may need to jump up 10 years if I really want something serious.

        • @Kelley: I couldn’t agree more when you said:

          Brothas don’t know how to court a sista anymore!

          This is what I’m saying as well! I am seeing this in the society here as well. The whole concept of dating and getting to know a woman and wanting to protect/provide for her has died a slow death.

          I want to meet a brother who is respectful and I love that old-school swagger of men ‘courting’ women. I like the attention to detail men used to have in the old days such as writing letters.

          My first love used to do shit like that but then as usual, once they have fucked you…..the shit ends!

  2. Denzel & his wife, along with Seal & Heidi, and Will & Jada (as well as the Obamas of course) are a few of my fav celeb couples, mainly because they all appear to be GENUINELY in love with one another.

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