Does Wearing An Afro Mean You Need To Look Sexy?

[Image seen @ a lovely, hot new UK ethnic blog called Olive. Thanks Olive!]


A while ago, my friend + I were discussing Amber Rose’s haircut. My friend said that with a cut like that, you have to dress up every day. And I do actually agree  – when your hair becomes the centrepiece of your look, it means there becomes more emphasis on the rest of your clothes.

Is this because An Afro or a #1 are unisex hairstyles and look less feminine? Or is it a fallacy to think your face needs to be smoking hot like Oluchi’s or you need to have on point makeup?


12 thoughts on “Does Wearing An Afro Mean You Need To Look Sexy?

  1. Aulelia this is a good topic! I don’t understand your response to wontstopbelievin. I would think physical features ie facial and bodily structure differentiate a man and a woman? So why would a woman have to diferentiate herself because she has a unisex hairstyle? Please explain 😀

    I think hair has always been a sign of beauty across many cultures and as a result it creates alot of insecurity in how women view themselves. Hence we have a myriad of hair styling and extensions to achieve the effect of longer and fuller hair.

    Short hair, especially short natural hair, shows confidence. I’ve always loved short hair as well as big naturals (some say afros). I will definitely try a #1 or #2 at least once in my life.

    In some cases some women might try to compensate for their lack of hair by emphasizing their sense of style. Or on the flipside it could simply be that a new hairstyle has inspired a new confidence and sense of style.

    • @Safera: Physical features don’t differentiate men/women that much because some women look really masculine and some blokes look female.

      That’s why with unisex hairstyles like Afros, there has to be a concerted effort on the girl’s part to look more female, and less masculine to look sexier in my book.

      I don’t have anything against short hair. I think it’s wicked. But regardless it does mean that fashion takes over to complement the short hair. Rihanna is a good example of this.

  2. I will admit that I started wearing big and flashy earrings to take away attention from my hair. I also started to wear more makeup and my contacts more often. I have started wearing more dresses, however, my fashion style is still a t-shirt and jeans.

  3. lol! i def step up my style game when i wear my hair in a natural fro. although, when i wore it short when it was permed i felt the same need to dress up. a lot of people think short hair is a sign that you’re butch so i like to counter that by looking ultra feminine.

    • @lee, I agree with the idea of how people see short hair as a sign of looking masculine, so yes, I deffo agree that you need to look very feminine which is what Amber does as well.

  4. This is funny… I had a similar convo with a friend about locs…And since she had cut her locs off to a TWA, she felt an even more need to “doll-up” her looks to keep everything feminine…

    Unfortunately, I do feel many women think natural hair is not feminine or there may be other negative labels attached to different forms of natural hair (like for me, I have been told by ignorant fools many times that locs are for men and most people who wear locs look trampy!).

    A couple of years back when working for a charity at Old street station, it was funny to see that ALL the natural women who walked passed me that day were dressed incredibly stylish/funky/feminine… that’s when it got me thinking about this topic.

    … I admit, I have noticed that on a subconscious level since locing, I have tried to make more of an effort.

    • @Holistic Locs UK, Old Street is a great area! Very fashion-conscious set live around there so no surprise to hear about women looking trendy there.

      I am trying to make more of an effort too. It’s not that I think natural hair looks less feminine but I think because the hair stands out more, it means that I think your fashion sense has to stand up too.

  5. Great topic! To me, I don’t think you have to dress sexy to wear an Afro because it is a beautiful style to begin with. It’s definitely not mainstream, but it isn’t masculine either. There is still hair on your head that can be used as an accessory.

    However, I would feel pressure to dress up more with a shaved head. Your features are put on full display. There’s nothing to hide behind.

    I just wouldn’t put an Afro and a bald head in the same category.

    • @Aisha, I think the thing with a #1 hair style [a shaved head] is you are right, your features are on display.

      I thought to put an Afro & a #1 in the same category because I have noticed that women who have big Afros or just shaved heads tend to look very put together when they are out and about.

      Amber always looks on point when she is out.

  6. I think it all depends on the look you are going for. If you are going for confidence, then yea you should put on your most fierce face, but I think its perfectly acceptable to wear an afro when not dressed up to the nines. In fact, if your hair is your centerpiece, the rest of the ensemble might not matter as much!

    • @wontstopbelievin, that’s an interesting perspective, because I would assume that because Afros are unisex, it means that girls need to dress up more to differentiate themselves.

      • Another thing I was thinking of was that maybe the afro haircut doesn’t lead to greater fashion, but perhaps a third variable like self-confidence leads the woman to have both a dramatic hair style as well as feminine fashion sense.

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