Open Thread: Susie’s Got Your Number…

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It’s an open thread to anything Mike related. Go for it!


35 thoughts on “Open Thread: Susie’s Got Your Number…

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  3. One of my favorite MJ moments ever: Michael tells someone Fuck You! Lol. Watch his mouth at 23 secs. I think the person said fuck you. Mike says Fuck me? Fuck you! Do you see Janet’s face? Don’t mess with the Jacksons! It’s great because you hardly saw him get really angry and stand up for himself.

  4. It’s been said by several people that Mike’s voice was a lot deeper than he let on. Hi sex Lisa-Marie was one of those people. Here is a video of him accepting an award, and it does sound a lot deeper.

    • T4P. I had seen this one before. It was cute but he does not flirt with Beyonce. title of the video is misleading as usual. people on YT just like views.

  5. Another question: There are those who say that Michael’s success corresponded with him looking “less Black.” Do you agree or disagree.

    Personally I think that’s bull because when Thriller blew up, he still looked like any other Black man despite the nose job. I believe the rest of the world still saw him as Black and he wa svery successful anyway.

    • I do think that he was successful point blank because he really was the best artist in the world.

      He never ceased to be black and any MJ stans who saw Michael as not black are DELUSIONAL.

  6. Here’s a question: I remember Michael as the biggest music star of the 80’s and early 90’s. Even after his skin color changed, he was still huge. Do you think the first molestation accusation permanently damaged his career, or was it other things?

    • @Aisha, the molestation charges definitely.

      It’s not like he became really arrogant or whatever. His personality has always stayed the same but the child molestation thing was just awful.

      However, I only think it destroyed his career in the eyes of the media, because his fans/stans did not CARE at all and this was proven by the huge sales of HIStory, Invicible + Blood On The Dancefloor.

      • The sales of HIStory, Invicible + Blood On The Dancefloor were huge, but nowhere near Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, etc. Mike’s heyday was definitely in the 80’s, and I wonder what would have happened were it not for these charges.

        • Bad + Dangerous sold less than Thriller but produced more hit singles. He was never going to top that [thriller] in terms of sales — just how the cookie crumbles.

          His sales have always been consistent + downloads took over way before Invincible came out and it still did 10million.

          If Weezy/Kanye sold 10m with one album, the whole rap industry would say they were demi-Gods

  7. Lol, nobody, not even MJ can get away with pretending to read a book upside down in the dark with sun glasses on. Even if they are wearing a tweed jacket 😉

    Trust Michael to be holding a book about animals

    • @L, lmfao @ ”even if they are wearing a tweed jacket” . Never noticed that abt the picture.

      He did like animals a lot — I love the picture in my blog header with him and his pet rats.

      Too cute.

    • Lmao @ L: not even MJ can get away with pretending to read a book upside down in the dark with sun glasses on.

    • @Asha, that woman is the mother of the other alleged lovechild, not Blanket. T4P but I think the media is helping to confuse Michael’s fans even more.

      I am just believing what comes from Michael’s mouth.

      Either way, all his children are black like him.

      • I so totally agree! When I saw this story going around I just had to post and see what you guys thought about it. I’m sorry I just can’t believe that (please forgive me: old ass 65 year old LOOKING) woman could be Blankets mum lol. I also think the supposed love child was just a very good friend of his, similar to the way he hung out with Emmanuelle Lewis or Macaulay Culkin. Also (just speculating of course) I highly doubt that he would risk a real life Billie Jean situation, mainly because he was constantly on guard in fear of being used, knowing people wanted get near him because of his superstar status (who wouldn’t want to be mj’s baby mama lol), and money etc. Anyway, wouldn’t he have mentioned the child in his will?

        • I don’t believe for a second that, that woman is Blanket’s mother. 65?? Yeah right — as if she’s his mum.

          Mike would not have left a child out of his will. His heart is too big for that shit.

    • Well, I don’t know what the lady looked like in 84 when this encounter supposedly happened. She may have been attractive in her younger days. You know that they don’t age well like black women do. No shade, white girls.

      That said, at first I was very skeptical about this guy being his kid, but now I’m starting to believe it. I was watching the memorial with some friends and family, and when the camera would pan over the family, we all wondered who that guy was sitting by Rebbie and everyone noted how much he looked like MJ. I just brushed it off and assumed it was one of the many Jackson nephews. And now, the reports came out about a love child and looking at the pictures, he does look a lot like MJ.
      Take a look:

      Secondly, there’s a family photo in People magazine’s MJ memorial special. It’s all of the Jackson family, generations of them. And this boy is in the picture with them, standing next to MJ and blending in with the other younger Jacksons. Now why would he include this kid in a photo like that if this was just one of his friends he hung out with at Neverland? Here’s the picture:

      And according to Jermaine, Rebbie saw the boy at the memorial and went and got him and brought him to the front row with the immediate Jackson family. Why would she do that? Also, when he was asked, Jermaine would not confirm or deny if MJ was the father of this guy.

      I don’t know, it could all be a coincidence and he could just happen to look a lot like MJ. But I’m starting to believe he’s MJ’s son. I could be totally wrong, but I would not be surprised if he is the King of Pop’s son.

      Here’s video of Omer dancing in a music video:

      • @Kelley, despite him being at the memorial, I just don’t believe it. He doesn’t even look that much like Michael [not that looks matter too much].

        Something about it doesn’t feel right to me and no offence to him, but even him being a good dancer doesn’t mean he is going to be any closer to being Michael’s son.

        Until they do a DNA test to prove otherwise, I don’t see him as Michael’s son. And judging by Michael’s devotion to children, I HIGHLY doubt he would leave his own flesh & blood out of his own will.

        Just doesn’t seem true at all.

        • From what I’ve read, Omer’s father is Pakistani so they may be where he got his “brownish” complexion from (or he could very well be Michael’s child). Also, it’s been said that him and his sister look exactly alike, so perhaps there is going to be another story produced soon about how Michael is her biological father as well lol. Until I see a video of one of Michael’s relatives confirming it or some dna test results, I’m taking this story for what it is at the moment…gossip (OLD gossip at that). I will admit though he does favor Micheal a little surgery.

            • That’s an interview with a friend of Omar, not Omar himself. He still has yet to come out and talk about his belief that MJ is his father.

              • @Kelley, I really don’t think he is. DNA will settle this issue but I don’t see how he is because Michael does not seem the type to leave his own flesh + blood out of his own will.

              • Honestly though, what I don’t understand is that if Michael supposidly acknowledged that Omer was his child to FAMILY AND FRIENDS years ago as the article says, then why would the child NOW be going for a DNA test AFTER he has died? This story does not make sense. Also if Michael knew like Aulelia said, he would have sure as hell been named in the will right along with the rest of of children. I came across a pic of Omer and his dad, and I must say IMO they seem to favor MORE so than him and Mike especially color wise.

                • @Asha: That boy looks less like Michael with each picture. He looks his real father who clearly is not black.

                  I really do not think that Michael would cut his own flesh + blood child out of his WILL yet give 20% of his estate to charity and people he has never met.

                  I smell a rat.

    • @pnc, LOL, I know — it’s too cute. Damn it, Michael was too cute!

      P/S — Use the new rating system on the comments if u want!!!

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