Afro Hair Pictures: My REALLY BAD Attempt at Cornrowing

So bad….But I feel like I should share the bad and the ugly pictures.

Keeping reading to see the pictures. And click on them to make bigger.

cornrow 5  cornrow 2

cornrow 4   cornrow 1

This was my first proper attempt at a cornrow.

The Bad

–My parting is bad, LOL.

–The braid is not too hot.

But there is room for improvement!


9 thoughts on “Afro Hair Pictures: My REALLY BAD Attempt at Cornrowing

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  2. Aulelia,

    It is so hard to cornrow one’s own hair. In fact I really don’t know anyone who does their own. So you did a good job. 🙂

  3. For your first attempt it doesn’t look extremely bad and at least the braid appears to be quite sturdy. A few weeks ago I wanted to do a braid out on my hair by cornrowing, turns out I could barely get a braid started, and when I finally finished my first “braid” it began to unravel a few seconds later lol.

  4. I don’t think that they look too bad at all. Mine are worse than yours – but I am still wearing them out and about. lol! I will just keep practising!

  5. For a first attempt its really not that bad. It takes a time to learn how to plait, part etc. I think it looks a bit funny because you only did one cornrow and not your whole head.

    lol ‘click on the pictures to make them larger’ after saying how ‘bad and ugly’ your hair was. ha ha

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