How are Charcoal Ink’s blog stats like?

Since I moved here [to WP] in January 2007 [!], I am so pleased to say that the blog has grown year on year, which is very exciting as a blogger. Here are the views CI has been getting this past week:

stats 1

So exciting! I remember the days when I was getting 100 views a day and I was so grateful that anyone viewed (and I still am grateful!)

Search Terms

stats 3

Interestingly, meagan good and keri hilson are right at the top. It’s very fascinating to me. Other top search terms include beyonce + natural hair styles + black celebrity couples. Do you lot use search to find blog postings? I was really excited when I saw that ”charcoal ink” was a search term and I got 8 views from that! Made me happy lol!

Top posts

stats 2

What I find really interesting about the top posts on CI is that the top three posts are in list form format.

The Good News About Stats

When I wrote Top 15 Black Celebrity Couples, I had no idea that Global Grind was going to link to me which sent me a lot of traffic. When I wrote Top 10 Sexiest Natural Hair Styles, I had no idea that digg linked back to the post until I was sent so much traffic from there and then recently Clutch Magazine & Afrobella, two massive black blogs linked to the Top 10 Sexiest Natural Hair Styles as well.

When I wrote both of these posts, I didn’t think ”people will link to me and I’ll get traffic” — I just wanted to write what I felt inside and something that summarised how I was feeling. I am deeply grateful for the success of both of those posts and I don’t take that attention for granted. Which brings me to, if anyone out there wants to do blogging as a fun hobby, don’t worry too much about stats. Just write what you want to write.

Another thing I am thrilled about is my Feedburner subscriber number. It fluctuates but at the moment is averaging at 15 subscribers so thanks so much to everyone who subscribes.

The Bad Thing About Stats

They can make you worried if you think about them too much. I used to wonder why posts I had written in 2007 where seemingly so popular by getting regular page views this year yet no one commented on them. Case in point, I wrote a post about Teyana Taylor ages ago and it still gets lots of views but no comments. Such is the nature of the internet.

The Ugly Thing About Stats

Stats make some bloggers crazy with envy when they seen other blogs being more successful. I’m happy just doing CI for as long as I possibly can. I am grateful for great page views, but I won’t let that affect how I write. I used to, because I was loving high views, but I have calmed down now and realised I am happiest writing what I want.


Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “How are Charcoal Ink’s blog stats like?

  1. Hi Honey! Congrats 🙂 I know you are going to get bigger than you have ever imagined. I love your mission and your site and wish you even more success and TRAFFIC! 🙂


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