Best Of Charcoal Commenters #1: Michael + His Playboy Attitude

I absolutely love the Charcoal commenters. Charcoal reader L embedded a YT video of one of Mike’s lovers, Shana Mangatal talking about being with him.

mike as youth 4

Looks like our Mike [1] was playboying up in the gaffe! And your comments were absolutely hilarious & brilliant to read. Keep reading to see some of the comment highlights of the week!

Asha said on NSFW: Lip Service & Stephanie Mills:

I think alot of people for some reason see him as either asexual/virginal or gay and I think it had to do with the fact that he didn’t sleep around and quite a few men if they were in his position would most definitly had slept with as many women (including groupies) as they could. I think he may have been a more relationship oriented person as oppose to being a one night stander(if thats a word). I went on youtube to look up lisa marie and diane sawyer’s interview, I was thinking wtf did she REALLY ask lisa if she was sexually attracted to him? Why the hell wouldn’t she be dumb ass lol. I mean seriously why marry someone that you have no interest in fu*king?… anyway judging by the rhythm he had on stage, he might have been awesome in the bedroom

[My take: LMFAO – Girl, you know you are writing the truth too. Keep them coming! That’s the Charcoal spirit. Diane knows Lisa was sleeping with Michael. They like treating him like an alien who didn’t like sex, when we all know all men like to f/ck.]

Aisha  Asha said on SuperFreak:

Well you already know I’d hit it! ESPECIALLY during the “Off The Wall” era. It’s too bad that he didn’t realize how attractive he was. Hell if I was alive in the 70’s, Jackie could have got it too lol.

[My take: Jackie was/is B-U-F-F. Very good-looking guy, and the best looking bloke in the family after Mike, IMO.]

On a more serious note on NSFW: Lip Service & Stephanie Mills, Aisha did also say:

It seems Michael was the only one who really respected women and treated them right. Probably due to his sensitivity and love for his mother. The others took after their father. I don’t think Marlon was promiscuous , but he did beat his pregnant wife, so he’s no prize either. Even Janet and Latoya were in abusive relationships.

[My take: Damn, WTF is that shit about now?]

pnc on NSFW: Lip Service & Stephanie Mills said:

If he was married with kids, folks would have a harder time accusing him of such things. Yet most pedophiles are of the normal ilk, not internationally known superstars. It’s disturbing how gender-role-ridden most people are. 

[My take: This whole comment is so true. Being a man is not about being like Weezy and fucking every woman in sight.]

Kandeezie on WTF: Jermaine Jackson said:

 Hard work? Michael was conditioned by his father. They are both victims of his greed. It’s kinda like saying Beyonce did the hard work, when it was her father. And that Solange is just lazy, when that was also her father

[My take: Now, it should be obvious that I don’t agree at all with what you said LOL because I know of no other entertainers who worked as hard as Michael. B is the hardest working diva of this generation.]

I really do value all your comments and I think what has been written above is just a tiny slice of all the thoughtful shit you lot write so thank you for commenting, Charcoalies! I hope to make this a regular feature as well.


[1] — Isn’t that picture of him amazing? Yellow is definitely his colour wub


7 thoughts on “Best Of Charcoal Commenters #1: Michael + His Playboy Attitude

  1. According to Bossip, Michael tried to holla at Beyonce a couple of years ago. Imagine if those two had gotten togehter! Now they would make a beautiful dancing machine of a baby! LOL

    • @Kelley, lol, I doubt that Bossip story is true though. Michael was a player as it was anyhoo!

      Their babies would have been hot though 😉

  2. Thanks for putting up these comments. Although I wanted to say that it was Asha who made the comment about Jackie, not me. I said I’d get with Mike at ANY time, lol.

    • @Aisha, thanks for correcting me! I am going to edit the post just now.

      Damn, I’d get with Michael too. He had it going on in all departments.

      One thing I have noticed about him is throughout his career he has ALWAYS been very slim. He’s never had the Elvis weight gain trouble him at all.

      At any rate, he would have made me a freak LOL.

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