Seriously now, what woman wouldn’t do anything to Mike in these good old days? He was gorgeous! wub I even have my limits, but I can’t honestly imagine saying no to this man when he was in his prime Off The Wall/Thriller/Bad days.

I’m not saying everyone has to agree with me by the way, but this man is the definition of old-school sex appeal. Just absolutely beautiful!

PS — Can’t wait to read your captions for the picture above. Mike was liking her booty !


13 thoughts on “SuperFreak

  1. He was a prodigy, a genius. The talent he had can’t be made EVER; it just IS.

    He was also the true definition of swagger, unlike most of these rappers who like to shout from the rooftops that they have the most swagger. Please, NEVER.

    And before his skin color changed, he was beautiful. He could get it all day every day. Damn right I said it.

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  3. Well you already know I’d hit it! ESPECIALLY during the “Off The Wall” era. It’s too bad that he didn’t realize how attractive he was. Hell if I was alive in the 70’s, Jackie could have got it too lol.

  4. I know I’ve left a lot of messages on your site today but honestly I’m not stalking you :).

    I just want to confirm something I read in one of your earlier blogs; you’ve previously stated you are a big Eminem fan. I don’t understand how you can like someone who made so much effort (even if this was some years ago) to be mean to Michael?

    Do you remember the video where he made fun of the the Pepsi ad where Micheal’s hair caught fire? He used to make fun of him a lot. I reckon this is because he knew Michael, unlike some other stars out there, would never fight back. Michael was an easy target.

    • Off-Topic: @L, I used to be really into his music with his first & second LP. After the Eminem Show, it went downhill from there.

      No one is really fucking with Mike because Weezy + Eminem will never sell the numbers he did.

  5. these youtube videos have nothing to do with the funny picture but I thought they might be appreciated. I think the second one is part of video for the making of thriller

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