Charcoal Question: Is what Gator said in Jungle Fever true?

Okay, here is my first attempt at an open thread, but themed slightly. Check out the following video scene below from what I think is Spike’s best work, Jungle Fever. Gator Purify (Samuel L. Jackson) comes over to see his brother Flipper Purify (Wesley Snipes) who is now living with his mistress, after being found out.

Here’s a short transcript I have written of what is said between the two, in case anyone wants to refer to quotes.

Flipper: What the fuck are you doing here? How the fuck did you find out this address? Did Cyrus give it to you?

Gator: She’s white.

Flipper: No shit, yeah she’s white

Gator: She’s got any money? Real long money?

Flipper: No, she doesn’t have any money. She’s a temp.

Gator: A secretary?

Gator: You mean to say that my little brother got himself an ofay [sic] who ain’t got any monay[sic]? What about Drew, Ming?

Flipper: Gator, it’s complex man.

Gator: See, me myself personally, I would have opted for some money and shit, you know what I am saying. But I gots to give you some dap. She looks good! See, most brothers with white b*****, nine out 10, they be never having a Penthouse pet. They’d be having an outhouse pet – dog, flies, fleas. See, that don’t work for the white boy see, if a sister is on his arm, I guaran-tee you she will be slammin’.

Am I the only one who kind of agrees with Gator’s observation? Honestly, from what I have seen of IR couples in LDN where the man is white and the woman is black, the woman is pretty much always absolutely stunning. And the man also looks sharp too. And I have seen a diverse range of dark-skinned sisters and light-skinned sisters with white men in London, and again, the woman look sharp and beautiful.

Maybe Gator is right…What do you think? 

Miscellaneous Note #1: How ironic that Samuel L. Jackson is in fact the conscious brother of the pair? Wesley never came back hard after this film. But Samuel did and has had a great career. The wheel turns…


10 thoughts on “Charcoal Question: Is what Gator said in Jungle Fever true?

  1. hmm i’ve thought this but not in beauty but class bm/ww come from all classes but wm/bw tend to be middle upper class i mean i have seen this lower class bw/wm couple.maybe it because there’s like 7x more bm/ww

  2. The idea of “jungle fever” or basically wanting to have sex with someone JUST BECAUSE they are of another race or group seems so odd to me. I’ve always been attracted to all guys from all groups, if I find a guy cute or he can make me laugh, I’m all for him. But I’ve never thought “Hey, I wonder what its like having sex with guys from (x) group” mainly cause I figure its like having sex with any other guy. I personally would be REALLY insulted if a guy wanted to date me because he wanted to “see what it was like being with a black girl”, I’d want him to date me because he likes who I am as a person.

  3. Wesley snipes may be suffering because he went all out against black women while doing the press back in the day, since women are lets say on average 50% of cinema audiences , thus his personal revenues i can say he shot himeslf in the foot!

    He was doing the whole ” when i was poor black women wouldn’t touch me and said i was too dark. now i only dark white women”

    It’s an ignorant stance to take because some dark skinned women could probably tell him the same story, but he would judge them along with those who had shunned him.

    • @louise, I completely agree. What Wesley said about black women did ruin his career.

      He has a lot of potential as an actor as JF & New Jack City showed, but alienating your fanbase is not the way to go.

      It’s a shame because he was talented brother but that kind of attitude problem is not hot.

  4. Aulelia,

    I’m not sure about the Wm/Bw thing, the couples I see always look sorta average. But what I do see that’s interesting is lots of really cute Asian women with really dumpy looking White guys.

  5. I have observed this to be true. While shopping, sometimes I spot a bm/ww couple where the man is somewhat attractive and the woman is quite plain, but what I usually come across is both male and female being quite plain. Though I did spot 1 couple with two nice looking people and a cute baby in tow a while back, I was thinking wow thats new even lol. In all those groups what REALLY irritates me is sometimes the guys will walk far ahead and/or basically just act like they aren’t with the women. I feel like if your in a relationship with someone you walk with them, not ahead.

    • @Asha, LOL at the walking behind comment. I have noticed this a lot.

      What I do like to see is couples holding hands. I find that really cute.

  6. Yeah, I find this to be pretty true as well. Not just looks, but the woman tends to be of higher caliber as well in wm/bw pairings.

    • @Aisha, it’s very interesting because it does link to what Gator said. I am in no way saying that black men who have white girlfriends have ugly ones because that is not true but on the whole, from what I have seen, many black women with white men tend to be gorgeous women, and more striking to me than the other pairing.

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