Michael on the Cover of JET Magazine: 6 HQ Scans from the Eras

I am a magazine addict/fiend/insert noun here. And what’s better than stanning for magazines? Finding magazine with Mike on them. Bang bang!

[Source: What Would Thembi Do?] Michael looks good here! Bang Bang! Anyone [read: Mike stans, not haters] notice how in the early years, lots of candid photos of him included him holding cameras? This was the 16 August 1979 JET Magazine issue

La Toya was so beautiful back in the day! Shame that she keeps selling her late brother out by selling her story to the tabloid! WTF? Anyhoo, gorgeous Jet magazine cover. I love how the barcode on the bottom left hand side matches with Mike’s blue shirt and the bluue Jet logo but clashes with La Toya’s yellow top. So cute.

The irony of that rhetorical question is too much.. Too much.

I absolutely adore this picture. Big arse headphones & big arse Afro — so hot!

Again, loving how JET colour co-ordinate the bar code. Michael looks so debonair and slick with the turquoise blazer & hot pink SUIT — he looks wicked and is it just me or does he look like a ladykiller?

Michael was so bloody fashion forward — does anyone see the gold anchor on Mike’s blazer? So wicked.

Damn it, Michael, you are just too cute for words! Beautiful! This is my favourite JET cover and in fact one of my favourite magazine covers of all time.

No words for how brilliant this man is!


9 thoughts on “Michael on the Cover of JET Magazine: 6 HQ Scans from the Eras

  1. thanks so much for posting these. I have never seen any of these covers before. I am also a big fan of Jet.Micheal was nice looking in that blazer.LOL
    rip MJ we love u forever

  2. Why is Jet Mag pushing him to marry at 21???!!!

    Love the covers.

    Love Mike.

    I must detach with love…maybe after they bury him.

    • @pnc, maybe they were recruiting for Michael.

      You summed up what I feel when you said: Love the covers. Love Mike

      Couldn’t agree more!

  3. He is so handsome in these pics! And Latoya really is beautiful. Janet said she always felt she had to measure up to Latoya, although I think Janet is a stunner as well. They are such a good-looking family.

    • @Aisha, LaToya was a babe before she had surgery. Looks faded soon after.

      Janet was beautiful! I have been watching Friday on and off for the nth time this whole week and I always laugh when I think about Smokey wanting to meet a girl that looks like Janet.

      Michael is a beast — I love his JET covers!

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