Did Michael date a Sister?

And here’s the proof. Special thanks to Charcoal reader Asha for posting this link of the picture in the comments box.


He was going out with Stephanie Mills round about the time he was filming The Wiz.

He looked good here! I still find it hard to believe that people think Mike didn’t like women. Looks pretty into women to me anyhoo.

Here’s an audio interview of Mills talking about Michael in 2005 around about the time of the nonsense trial:

Note — the interview is very sexually provocative. The interviewers are fucking knobheads but credit to Mills by making them see that he was a normal guy with normal likes and dislikes.

Note #2 — I’m going to need the haters as well to suck it up and see that Michael did like black women. And let’s not forget that even today, how many black male entertainers have black women?




yeah, that’s what I thought. Give credit when it is due people!


33 thoughts on “Did Michael date a Sister?

  1. “And let’s not forget that even today, how many black male entertainers have black women?



    yeah, that’s what I thought. Give credit when it is due people!”

    I know that’s right.

      • Just another attempt to discredit him. Yet you have fools today talking about they don’t date “dark butts” and that’s supposed to be okay.

  2. Alright, now there should be enough evidence to go around that confirms Michael was indeed into women (Also as Aulelia said, you can’t discount what his mother said about his sexuality, because IMO mothers almost always KNOW their child’s sexual orientation, especially if they have a close relationship with them), I have yet to find ANY evidence that backs up the claim (besides hearsay) that he was into men. Also I honestly believe Michael, as Aisha said, was an equal opportunity dater and race more than likely made no difference to him, but I think it may have been difficult in his position to find women who genuinely wanted to date him for who he was as a person and not because of his celebrity status.

    • @Asha, you put it beautifully. I really think his mum would know whether he was gay or not so Katharine said no, and that’s what I believe.

  3. I have read Michael was secretly dating the Ugandan born nanny to his three children on and off for appoximately 12 years (she worked for him for approx 20 years). You will see her (yes a chocolate skinned sister) in quite a few pictures/videos of Michael happily remaining in the background where she apparently wanted to be. It was apparently an open secret amongst staff who worked for Michael, but they were instructed not to speak to press about this publically also. She also included a personal tribute for Michael alongside his family members in the memorial book recieved by all attendees to Michaels memorial concert. Her name is Grace Rwaramba, I think. She is looking after Michaels kids in LA with his mum and sister Rebbie currently as she raised them with Michael and was said to be very close to his family.



    • @L, thanks for posting. To be honest, I would take anything the Mirror writes with a pinch of salt. They were part of the media circus that called Michael ‘Wacko Jacko’ or ‘Jacko’ so they are definitely not pro-Michael or even fair when giving him any coverage.

      I do think Michael probably had a secret girlfriend, maybe a sister too, but I don’t think it was the nanny.

      • Yeah, I know its a tabloid but still it made me think..and hope I guess. I think Michael was just a very private person who just didn’t see why (quite rightly) he should have to share his private life with all and sundry. The media saw this as an excuse to make up nasty stories about him cos he didn’t ‘play the game’. Its very sad really.

        btw I’m probably the last person on earth to have seen this but I found these home movies of Michael on you tube & I felt they were much more revealing about his true personality. So in case you or other readers haven’t seen these yet have a look:

        there are actually 11 parts but I’m too lazy to put them up sorry :). I’m sure you all know how to follow the links to the next videos..

        • Oh yeah forgot to add this link for IM4MJ on you tube who compiled some pictures/videos regarding Micheal’s vitiligo. I hadn’t realised the extent of a lot of stuff Mike was going through until after he died which is upsetting 😦

      • It was in the Martin Bashir interview (or Michael’s rebuttal video) where he said he was secretly dating a Black woman. Still not sure if it’s the nanny though. Somehow I doubt it.

  4. Those interviewers were crazy, talking about skid marks in draws. However, did you notice Stephanie threw a little shade, talking about she was too “dark to be Michael’s wife. Come on now. Anyway, I heard he never really liked her like that, so maybe he hurt her ego.

    People always think because a man is soft-spoken and gentle that he is a wimp or a sissy. I never saw that in Mike. As Stephanie said, Michael was a real man. People need to rethink their ideas of masculinity. To me, a real man can be gentle and loving, but tough when the time calls for it. A real man takes care of the woman in his life and his family. It’s not about acting tough, a deep voice or having your pants sagging off your butt.

    Glad to hear Mike was a good kisser!

    • @Aisha YES, That was dodgy when she said that [I was thinking WTF???]

      Unless she point blank asked him: Mike, do you fuck with dark skinned girls? And IF he said no (which I highly doubt), she should not be saying shit like that at all.

      The bird sounded like she had a single to promote so she sounded like she was ready to talk.

      The interviewers were getting too personal. I actually don’t think they’d have the guts to ask Michael that himself and he also does not ramp as we have seen in other interviews, so he’d let them know to shut the fuck up.

      I mean, the comment about the going down on her???? WTF was that shit about??? Damn!

    • Of course he didn’t like her like that. Helloooooooooo!!!!!!Stephanie Mills, is BUTT fcuking UGLY!!!. We talked about this in the 70’s. he probably took her out a few times as a friend, maybe he kissed her after she forced him to, she was always after him, and he was not feeling her horse ass. I’m sorry, Idon’t buy into that mess she’s talking

      • Stephanie Mills is very attractive. So I guess the white women he dated & married are automatically much more beautiful. One thing the only time I saw show any real physical attraction in public is when he was with Diana Ross and the picture with Stephanie Mills. With all the other women it looked as if he was there and it was for publicity, especially with Lisa Marie.

        • I kinda agree with Denise here. I remember at the memorial when Brooke Shields stated that he and her were just really good friends, I felt kinda bad because I thought she was dissing him by not admitting they had once dated lol. But when I went back and looked at pics of them together, they really did IMO just look like friends hanging out having a good time. Also he was suppose to have been engaged to this chick at the time he was publically dating Brooke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mldB_3ywBwA&feature=related

          As far as Lisa is concerned, from what I’ve read http://www.geocities.com/miloelvis_au_2000/newstrackf/lisa2003b.html, she REALLY was in love with him, maybe more than he was with her. She even wondered if he got with her because it would be good for publicity because of those b.s. allegations (Though I do think he may have grown feelings for her over time). She even said his publicist staged their kiss on that Mtv award show a few years back, which is something she said she didn’t want to do and said she felt used afterwards. IF true, I feel for her, that’s is QUITE f*cked up 😦 .

          Also, he was supposed to have been dating this chick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YpAFI3gPkg for a few years before he up and married Lisa. Maybe he wasn’t really feeling her so he got with Lisa instead, OR maybe Lisa was a more safer route being the supposed “King of Rock and Roll’s” daughter, white (yea I said it, though I don’t think race bothered HIM that much), and having her own money. I mean SOME fans would already be pissed that he would be getting married, but they wouldn’t mind the idea of him (The King of Pop) getting with (The King of Rock and Roll’s daughter)her. But the idea of publically announcing he was dating some unknown brown/black chick? Um, no. I honestly think some yt fans would not like or be down with that at all (and yall know he was all about pleasing his fans!!)! But then again, I am a conspiracy theorist so you might want to ignore me lmao.

  5. That is suppose to be proof? Of straightness? That’s like saying “forget all the times that I stole things, there was one time I didn’t, so I’m not a thief.”


    • @Kandeezie, LOL, I don’t hear any crickets for the simple fact he did one better than half of the black celebrity men rolling around today. Everyone gives Quincy Jones a pass but Michael gets bashed left right and centre.

      Michael was in love with Diana Ross (he said it not me in his Moonwalker biography), he went out with this Mills bird. He liked black girls. Simple as that.

      • i’m sick o everyone throwing diana ross out there lik oh, he was in love with her. he wasn’t, not really. he idolized her. an then he began using her as lik a ‘see i like black ladies’ type of thing wen all the sistas started noticing how messed up he was. but i’m not super mad bc he’s no different form the hundreds of black men who think they’ve made it if they’re dating a white woman.

        • But how do you know he didn’t really love Diana Ross? He said he did and even told Jet he wanted to marry her back in the day. If Diana had agreed, none of those other chicks would have gotten the chance. We don’t really know what was going on in his head. All we have is what he said.

          Also, when has Michael ever used Diana as his “I like black chicks card?” He never really spoke much about his relationships period. There are several Black women who said they dated or had relationships with him such as Stephanie Mills, Shana Mangatal, Romanica, etc. And to tell you the truth, I don’t think Michael was overly concerned about what “sistas” thought about his dating choices. Or anyone for that matter.

  6. Yeah and if I was alive back then you better believe Michael could most definitely have GOT IT! …ok maybe not, but a girl can dream can’t she? lmbao

    • @Asha, in the Thriller era, Off The Wall & even Bad he could have got it!


      I love the Ebony interview from ’88 that I posted before. Even though his vitiligo was creeping in, there was something cute about him there. Sexy arse man!

  7. Thank you! Some folks won’t even concieve of the idea that Michael may have even have had a crush on Diana Ross. Even though he said in his autobiography Moonwalk “We still talk now and then, and I guess you’d have to say she was my first love – after Diana. When I heard Diana Ross was getting married, I was happy for her because I knew it would make her very joyous. Still, it was hard for me, because I had to walk around pretending to be overwhelmed that Diana was getting married to this man I’d never met. I wanted her to be happy, but I have to admit that I was a bit hurt and a little jealous because I’ve always loved Diana and always will.” Folks would rather believe that he had even wanted to look like her (Everything is not some deep conspiracy folks!!). http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/07/03/michael.jackson.diana.ross/index.html Ridiculous! You can even look up clips of them together on youtube (judging by his body language and the way he looked at her) to see that he had a crush on her.

  8. Also, he said he always had a crush on Diana Ross. In more recent years, he said he dated a black woman but she wanted to stay out of the public eye. Again, I think his dating choices were more about his megastar status than not liking black women. I think he just didn’t discriminate.

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