Why Are Blogs Showing The Pepsi Video? WTF?

michael afro 2WTF? seems to be my new phrase of the week when it comes to Michael-related news.

I am absolutely appalled at the blogs and news sites that are carrying the video of Michael’s Pepsi incident. I am even more disgusted at Pepsi for releasing this video.  What is so interesting about watching another person in pain? What the F is going on with our society where people find it interesting to watch that? Could you honestly think it is relevant to watch his scalp burn?

I am convinced that Michael was too classy for the nonsense that permeates our celebrity-obsessed society. He just kept shit moving. Shame people can’t look on the positive side of all his achievements and focus on his fantastic music!

I am so disappointed in blogs I like such as Necole Bitchie for putting up the videos. Really disappointed.


6 thoughts on “Why Are Blogs Showing The Pepsi Video? WTF?

  1. Wow. That was pretty horrifying. Do people think about how his family (especially children) will feel with that circulating on the internet? I have very mixed feelings about that video being shown. I don’t think it was necessary.

  2. That Pepsi video should never have seen the light of day. MJ went through so much in his life. He had to live with a severe burning, vitiligo, lupus, and horrible allegations against his name, etc. But despite all that, look at all he accomplished. He’s immortal now. I truly believe he was anointed.

    I’m just so sickened at how people are using Michael’s death to sell magazines and get ratings for their trashy tabloid shows. As sad as his death is, at least he doesn’t have to be around to see this mess.

    And I wish they would leave his children alone. On the tabloid shows here in the U.S., there a paparazzi photos of the children going to church. It’s ridiculous. They can’t even go to church in peace. These are children

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