Charcoal Audio: My Thoughts on Mike’s Brothers & Blogging About Michael

 My second audio post. In this audio, I talk about Michael’s brothers, their planned reality TV show & why I am disappointed in them.

Also, I went to the shop today and guess who is on the front page of the Mirror? Tito has sold his story about Mike’s alleged drug abuse.

Way to go Tito, selling your brother out barely a month after his DEATH? What the fuck is this now? Please tell me what you think about my audio post.


11 thoughts on “Charcoal Audio: My Thoughts on Mike’s Brothers & Blogging About Michael

  1. I hate to say it, but MJ’s got some sorry siblings and a sorry dad. Thus far, Joe, Tito, and Latoya have made money off of his death. It’s ridiculous.

    Reports are that Janet, Rebbie, and Katherine are totally against MJ being buried at Neverland because MJ himself said he never wanted to go back there after the trials. His Neverland was violated by the police in Santa Barbara County and it was no longer a happy magical place to him. It broke his heart. Yet, Joe and Jermaine want him in Neverland to make it into a Graceland out west. They don’t care about his wishes, they want to make some money.

    I bought the Rolling Stone commemorative Michael Jackson book, and it talked a lot about how MJ was always being pulled back into the Jackson Five because his brothers needed to make money. He did not want to do the Victory Tour, but he was pretty much guilted into it. That’s why he never got a chance to tour for the Thriller album.

    I’m not claiming they don’t love Michael. I don’t know what’s in their hearts. But I do think there was jealousy and I do think that they feel MJ owes them something. They’ve been living off of him for decades now. The only one of the brothers who seems to do his own thing is Marlon. The tabloids were making fun of him because the rumors are that he works menial jobs, but the point is, the man works and earns his own money, no matter how little.

    It’s no wonder that all through the years, it was always rumored that Janet and MJ didn’t really stay all that close with their family. How could they?

    Now I feel really sorry for Janet.

    • @kelley, I honestly don’t what some members of the Jackson family would do without Michael. It’s like they are licking the crumbs of the cake he built, the cake being his rich and diversified career.

      Go be your own bakers, damn it!

      I completely agree that at least Marlon is working his own job and making his own money. That counts for something in a world where people want to scrounge and not work.

      If they bury him in Neverland, that is a complete sham. I hope Janet can do something to stop this.

  2. There was a special on abc last night on the Jackson family, and the question was raised would Katherine be able to handle raising his children, which I thought was strange considering they have other grand children staying with them that were close to the ages of Michael’s children, I don’t understand why people are so concerned about these kids potentially living with THEIR family. I know its wrong but I just can’t help but wonder, if these kids were darker would the media give a damn who they went to? I’d have to say…no.
    I also can’t understand for the life of me why people keep giving Joe Jackson air time, he didn’t even speak on Michael as if he was HIS child, it SEEMED like he saw him as his artist and nothing more.
    I so want to give him the benefit of the doubt BUT he comes off as being very narcisstic, he even claimed that Katherine beat his children more than he did. I thought to myself wtf, I suppose ALL his children were lying in past interviews when they talked about how hard HE disciplined them. He even said that HIM and Katherine plan to raise the kids together, I REALLY wish he just sits down and shut up before he hurts their chances of keeping the children with their family. Here is yet another article which discusses his skin disorder and even shows a photo (that was shown on the show) of blotches on his legs for those that still don’t believe it. , You can even see blotches quite clearly on his arm in this pic

    • @Asha, I agree! If his kids looked a little more ”black” (even though I think they don’t look fully white IMO), the media would not care. It’s so obvious to me that they are all Michael’s children. They look mixed, especially Paris & Prince Michael II.

      Joe needs to sit his arse down and stop talking mess. That’s all he does is just talk NONSENSE! WTF is wrong with him?

      T4P the links by the way 🙂

  3. I’m sure the remaining five brothers get residuals from their participation in the Jackson 5. I find it hard to believe they have to scrounge for work.

    • @pnc, I believed that they had money too, but they approached ABC about the programme. Jermaine went on UK celebrity Big Brother in 07 for £100K, La Toya went on the same show this year or last for £100K. The only reason I can think of why they would do reality TV is to keep money coming in.

      Jackie & Randy still live with Joe & Katharine. It’s so shocking.

  4. You weren’t rambling at all by the way, as a Michael stan 🙂 I have really been enjoying these post, you can keep it up for as long as you like!

  5. Wow wtf are they playing at? I kind of see why Michael didn’t want to put up with his family alot of the time. It’s one thing for OUTSIDERS to try and take advantage of you but it’s a whole nother thing when it’s your own flesh and blood thats trying to use you. That had to be EXTREMELY hurtful, feeling like you can’t trust anyone and constantly on your guard. He wasn’t their employer, he didn’t owe them anything, HE worked for that money not them. It seemed like people constantly mistook his kindness for weakness, well then its no wonder he locked them out and just focused on raising his kids. The poor man is dead and they are STILL trying to find ways to make money off him. On a side note I know precious Michael didn’t want to admit it but there HAD to be some jealously there as far as some of his bro’s are concerned, it would be a miracle it there wasn’t.

    • @Asha, I get the impression that Mike’s brothers feel like he did owe them something. And that’s what troubles me. I completely agree with you when you said:

      HE worked for that money not them.

      This is exactly it! It was his hard work that paid off! Why couldn’t they a) be ecstatic for him and help him develop his career even bigger if they knew music wasn’t going to work for them or b) tried to do their own thing not on the coattails of his hard work?

      Seeing Tito’s face all of the newspaper on the Mirror today in the shop confirmed to me that he has sold Michael down the river Styx in a bid for money, covering it up as brotherly love. If this was all about love, why didn’t he come to the public when Michael was still alive and say that Mike was allegedly addicted to prescription drugs??

      I honestly think it boils down to hard work and common sense. Michael & Janet had it in spades. Apparently Janet is worth $150m. We all know how smart Mike was by buying the Beatles’ back catalogue. Why couldn’t his brothers carve out their own niche?

      There is enough room for everyone.

      And I 100% agree about the jealousy comment. I think Michael was trying to keep it classy in the interview and protect the brothers. I know this sounds awful but I have always gotten the impression that Jermaine was jealous of him.

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