Video: Mike Doesn’t Ramp with Oprah (1993 Interview)

Harpo are taking the segments of these videos down on YT so I have put a summary of the key quotes below just incase any of you can’t see the video.

Mike on his father, Joe:

“I don’t know him the way I’d like to know him. I wish I could understand my father.”

Mike on his mother, Katharine:

“My mother is wonderful. To me, she is perfection. “

Mike on Joe & being beaten:

“He was very strict, very hard. Just a look would scare you. Frightened. There’s been times when he’s come to seen me and I’d be sick. I’d regurgitate. He’s never heard me say this — I’m sorry, please don’t be mad at me. But I do love him”

Mike on judging:

“Do not pass judgment on anyone until you have talked to them one on one”

Mike on Elephant Man  (Gangster!):

(laughing): “Where am I going to put some bones?”

Mike on blackness (the way he says this is SO COOL):

“Why would I want a white child to play me? I’m a Black American. I’m proud of my race.”

Mike on cosmetic surgery:

Mike: “If all the people in Hollywood who have had plastic surgery, they went on vacation, there wouldn’t be a person left in town

Oprah: “I think you might be right”

Mike: “I know I’m right. It’d be empty.”

LMFAO! That to me is an example of the Michael Jackson I like and respect — not taking any shit lying down and giving as good as he can get. People look at this guy and say he is weak etc but he did have a steely tough thick skin-esque aura aout him. You better tell them, Mike!

Mike on Art:

“I’m a big fan of art. I love Michaelangelo.If I had the chance to talk to him, I would want to know about what inspires him to become who he is. The anatomy of his craftmanship, not about with who he went out with last night.”

I absolutely love what he said there in the final paragraph. Sounds to me like Michael was such a thoughtful and clever man. Do any of you guys feel slightly robbed by the media as Michael fans in how they never properly ask him about where that beautiful creativity comes from? I know Oprah has her own show to sell, but it would have been nice for her to ask him how he comes up with songs, what the process is for coming up with dance moves etc.

A great singer/performer/song writer has passed away and a lot of these old archive interviews are good, but they miss out on asking him how he became so fantastic. I am a huge Michael fan (as if that isn’t clear already LOL) and it would have been nice to see Oprah ask him that.

I think that’s why I love the Ebony/Jet interview from the Bad era the most bc they ask him more about his craft than anyone else.

What did you guys think of this interview with Oprah? How did you find it? I thought Michael gave as good as he got in this interview.

Michael is gangster, not ramping with Oprah or taking any prisoners here. He has that toughness here, which you saw a little in the Bad interview. I wish his later interviews could have been more like this, where he fought his corner more. He seemed like a boxer in this interview, giving back tough answers and not taking any shit lying down.

Normally, I stan for Oprah, but I was not feeling her interviewing technique here. It was very aggressive, but she has changed her style a lot.


10 thoughts on “Video: Mike Doesn’t Ramp with Oprah (1993 Interview)

    • Aisha, LOL, tell me about it! I think she was a bit more brazen in her early days. I love her — I think she is the shit but I wasn’t feeling her technique in this interview.

      Mike was like, SERIOUSLY? So obvious he was not a virgin at all. I think people saw him as either asexual or gay as if he didn’t like women. After the video Thriller & Bad, it should have been obvious to even the most nonchallant person that he was no damn virgin.

      LMFAO especially in The Thriller video. You can’t have that much sex appeal and not have girls wanting to rip your clothes off. Sorry!

  1. I like this interview. But to me, the interview where he really doesn’t play is the one with Barbara Walters. He was really pissed. It’s on Youtube in 2 parts.

    • @Aisha, yes I remember that one. I’ve seen it. I like how he defends his kids in that one. I think I like the O more because he is firm with her but still friendly.

      Mike = cute.

  2. I saw this interview right after his death and it was my first glimpse at Michael Jackson, the person. I believe the media is such an elusive source of information. Yes, you will be informed when you read tabloids but you will be misinformed. And honestly, who cares how many surgeries Michael had? Up until the late 90’s Michael was absolutely gorgeous. And why not love him and appreciate him for how beautiful he made the word through his music and charity work? What happened after was a decline brought on by the media constantly attacking him, ironically for the good deeds he performed. I have been quite disgusted with the media because Michael’s death has made me realize that there are so many hungry money-grubbing people who won’t leave a man alone even after he’s dead if it involves generating a tremendous amount of money.

    His responses in this interview are great. I do like how Oprah wasn’t belligerent about anything unlike other people he’s been interviewed by such as Diane Sawyer and Martin Bashir. I especially like that he says you shouldn’t judge a person if you don’t know them. They dehumanized him so much. I’m also really happy with his response to Tom Sneddon in D.S. He uses the medium that he expresses himself best in. It was necessary and I love it when he takes a stand because I’ve never seen him attack any other celebrity or anyone for no reason and yet, he got attacked the most by everyone.
    I love the part where he beatboxes and sings Who Is It and then gets embarrassed. He’s so cute.

    • @Pri, you put it beautifully. I am not surprised some sectors of the media have used Mike to make more money. That’s how whorish some parts of the media industry is and it is so embarrassing for them.

      I think what I have always thought is I have never really believed how the media have portrayed him because, it is exactly that, a portrayal. It’s not the definitive proof by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Thanks! I completely agree – it is just a portrayal. As Michael himself said, the bigger the celebrity, the more they try to attack him. I am so moved by his music and persona that I’m still not in the slightest way over his death. I watch anything I can find on Michael Jackson, and by following up on articles written about him (which I soon quit) I can really see how so much is speculation, prejudiced opinions, and of course an attempt to bring his past back to life because the world loves controversy. He needs to be celebrated as the artist he was and words cannot describe how special he was. There’s a reason why he wrote songs like Privacy and Tabloid Junkie and Leave Me Alone. And the saddest thing is even after his death the media won’t leave him alone.

        • @Pri, I think a lot of the things surrounding Mike is a lot of speculation. It’s easier to speculate than research things.

          All I know is I stan for Michael the artist and Michael, the humanitarian. No one can tell me anything otherwise.

  3. I liked this interview, he did well, not too nervous or anything. It didn’t even bother me that he sidestepped answering certain questions, I mean he hardly had enough privacy as it is, certain things he should have just been able to keep to himself. Have you watched the whole interview yet? I thought it was so cute how he got all shy after singing “who is it” in front of her.

    • @Asha, I thought this was a great interview personally. He came across tough but friendly. He doesn’t have to answer everything and I think it’s fair for him to keep some things private.

      The whole interview is too cute! Did you see the part where he talks about Joseph and says ”Sorry, Joseph”. Interesting how he doesn’t call him Dad.

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