WTF Files: Married Black American Athelete Murdered by Lover

Just read about this recently and thought I’d post it. It’s absolutely awful.

New York Daily News reported that Steve McNair, an African-American athlete, who was married was having an affair with a stripper

NYDN says in detail:

Nashville police said on Wednesday that McNair was fatally shot four times on the Fourth of July by his 20-year-old lover as he slept on a sofa in the downtown Nashville condo he rented with a friend. The woman, Sahel Kazemi, then turned the 9-mm semiautomatic she had purchased two days earlier on herself.

Sincere condolences to his family – they must be devastated. I just do not understand why anyone would think murdering someone is okay. They were having an affair.

Kazemi had told her family that McNair planned to divorce his wife and live with her, but the DUI arrest incident seemed to solidify Kazemi’s fear that the relationship – and her hold on the wealth and glamour that came with dating a football star – was falling apart.

This is why it is so incredibly important to build strong self-esteem in yourself before you start looking for love.

I feel awful for what has happened, but this also shows me that keeping relationships simple is the answer. If you want to sleep around, please get a divorce first and then go for it.

And to make matters worse:

The dancer knew she wasn’t McNair’s only lover, but that doesn’t make the heartbreak that came from his death any less real. “She really cared for him,” the former business manager said. “He was not perfect, but he was a good guy.”

This is very sad. Just is a lesson to us all: find a man who wants to be with you 100% and not sleeping with women all over the place.


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