Notes to Charcoal Readers: 2 Facts about Michael

Hi everyone,

Like I said, I am going to be writing a few more posts (not sure how many) on things related to Michael. He was a very big deal in my life, in terms of recreation and music and I still haven’t got all my thoughts out on him yet so please bear with me. I of course welcome your comments.

There are two things I want to be clear on — you don’t have to agree with me but these are the facts so I need people to be aware of these:

  1. Michael had a skin disease called vitiligo that destroys melanin on black people’s skin. To confirm this, click here to watch Michael’s 1993 interview with Oprah where he confirms in his own words that vitiligo runs in his father’s, Joe’s family, and that he is NOT ashamed of being black. Again, vitiligo destroys melanin, and leaves white blotches all over your skin which is why he has worn heavy makeup. Floacist has written about this at length in a very analytical post.
  2. He is not paedophile in any shape or form. To be a paedophile in the eyes of the law, you have to be convicted, and Michael was never ever convicted. And not to mention that the people who have accused him have accused other people multiple times. I could go on and on but that is a fact that he isn’t.

Those are the facts of the matter. Irrespective of what anyone says, those are the facts.

I love reading all your comments, and even if I don’t agree with what you have written (Sugabelly, I respect your opinion even though I don’t agree), I do think it is important we discuss and debate his legacy.



18 thoughts on “Notes to Charcoal Readers: 2 Facts about Michael

  1. Hear Hear! I for one am also SICK to death of people constantly claiming that he wanted to be white and that he didn’t have a skin disease. If you look at photo’s of him a little after the “Off the wall” album came out, areas on his face began to get lighter than others, so much so that his makeup artist had to use heavy make up (bad makeup at that) to try even his complexion out. He also had lupus. I’ve read his autobiography Moon Walk and from what I gather he was a very lonely person (and felt that he was the lonliest person in the world…poor thing) his love life hadn’t gone the way he wanted it to go and he really wanted to have a loving relationship with a big family. I feel like this, if he was able to find SOME love does it matter what color the women were? (I’m asking this of those who believed he hated his blackness because of his skin, and who he dated) Quincy Jones even had the nerve to say Mcihael was trying to be white saying he didn’t have a skin disease, but couldn’t someone easily say HE wanted to be white because he dated mostly white women? IMO both assumptions are wrong and unfair, what matters is that a person has a HEALTHY mindset about who they are. As far as those allegations are concerned why do people continue to bring them up if they never were proven true?

    • @Asha, when did Quincy say that Mike wanted to be white? I hope that is a misquote but Quincy is in NO position to be judging anyone on THAT tip.

      Part of me feels bad for Mike that he didn’t find a woman who loved him 100%. I think had he done that, that would have been better for him.

      The fact of the matter is, Michael was a black guy who is a credit to us and worked extremely hard to get to where he did. No one should be talking smack.

    • Asha this is so true. I’m the first one to talk about famous black men who only date white women. However, I’m sure it’s extremely difficult for someone in Michael’s megastar status (and who is very shy as well) to find someone to have a genuine relationship with. If he discriminated based on race, he never would have found anyone! Besides, Mike usually had a Black woman as his love interest in videos, which is more than I can say for a lot of Black artists today.

      • @Aisha, exactly. So many of the girls in his videos were black or women of colour!

        Because I know people are not trying to say that Kishaya Dudley in one of Mike’s last videos, You Rock My World, is not black, because she is…

        • I remember from that Jackson family movie and also from reading his autobiography that he had the biggest crush on Diana Ross, ever since he was a kid really. After talking about past girlfriend Tatum O’neil he wrote : “We still talk now and then, and I guess you’d have to say she was my first love – after Diana. When I heard Diana Ross was getting married, I was happy for her because I knew it would make her very joyous. Still, it was hard for me, because I had to walk around pretending to be overwhelmed that Diana was getting married to this man I’d never met. I wanted her to be happy, but I have to admit that I was a bit hurt and a little jealous because I’ve always loved Diana and always will.”

          I know later he probably saw her as a mother figure but still I thought it was too cute 😉

          • @Asha, so it is true then that he loved Diana! Awww. Michael!

            I am going to have to write a post about this. Looks like it is going to be Michaelmania on his blog for a few more days at the very least.

            Thanks for posting.

    • @Aisha, thanks so much. Can’t wait to see the video.

      I still have many Michael things I want to put up on the blog so when you get the video, post it in the comments whenever + I will put it up.

      • @Aisha, thanks so much for the links. I can’t watch hulu bc I live in the UK but I found the same interview on YT!
        Thanks for letting me know — I will be putting them online.

        Mike is a beast! He seems more comfortable with black interviewers (call me crazy…)

        Aisha, did you notice at the beginning of the interview that his hands are much darker than his face? Looks like the vitiligo was slowly starting to change his body. Bleaching would mean that your skin has a yellowy tone, not white.

        I wish people would start learning, instead of judging.

      • Yup, I did notice that. I also noticed that his black interviews went MUCH better, such as Jessie Jackson and Steve Harvey. Probably because they asked better questions and weren’t trying to rip him apart.

        • @Aisha I love the Steve Harvey interview he did with Mike in ’02. It is a great interview. I was thinking of posting it.

          The Ebony interview that I love, which I will also post, is a great example of how he is much more comfortable with black people.

          One thing I have noticed as well is that black media never called him derogatory names either.

  2. I’m no fan, although I liked his music, dancing and showmanship, but yes, many people (even those who liked and even adored him) believed he bleached his skin (which he may well have done, but probably to make the “patches” less obvious. Nevertheless, the main problem with his skin colour was indeed vitiligo.

    Also, the fact is that the legal people who were most vociferous in accusing Jackson were themselves accused of repeatedly indicting and conspiring to indict often innocent people (even getting them convicted) just because they, in their bigoted wisdom, felt that those people were “undesirable”. That doesn’t prove MJ’s innocence, but then no one ever proved his guilt either.

    • @AF, thanks for commenting. I never believed he bleached his skin because anyone who studies Mike’s condition carefully can see that vitiligo literally crept up gradually until it took over his whole body.

      Concerning his alleged paedophilia, I will never believe it. Not because I am a delusional stan but because there isn’t a shred of proof.

      It’s like calling a woman a whore, yet being unable to find who she has fucked. Ridiculous.

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