Pot.Kettle.John Legend

Seriously, just when you think Michael’s haters like that shock jock Bill O’Reilly have said enough vitriolic shit, we need one of our own people who is supposedly respect to open their bung and chat shit.

John Legend on his twitter:

i wonder what young black kids are thinking now as we glorify MJ who went through such lengths to change his complexion and have white kidsabout 4 hours ago from web

And then he was clearly put on blast by someone or something because he then said:

And my comments were in no way meant as a diss to him. Just looking at bigger questions that came to mind with the Philly incidentabout 3 hours ago from web

Ok, enough “deep thoughts” for tonight. Hope I didn’t offend w/ the MJ thoughts. I truly appreciate and respect him as an artist…about 3 hours ago from web

…aspects of his life that should at least be thought-provoking to us.about 3 hours ago from web

Just to be clear, I’m very much an MJ fan and I believe he should be celebrated. Just acknowledging that there were some troubling and sadabout 3 hours ago from web

I’m really disappointed in John Legend. I always saw him as this accomplished musician but you cannot get away with shit like this. Sorry, you just cannot !

Last time I checked, John was not a dermatologist so how the fuck does he know what was up with Michael’s skin? Yes, Mike did have plastic surgery but I honestly believe he had vitiligo because that is what he said. He is a credit to black people and I’m going to need contemporary artists like John Legend to show some fucking respect. If it wasn’t for Michael, it would have taken so much longer for black people’s videos to be on MTV.

The disrespect of his comments have pissed me off. I am no longer supporting this bloke. Voicing your opinion is one thing but so soon after the Memorial?

Shut the fuck up.

And isn’t he calling the kettle black when his woman is not black? I’m just saying…Correct me if I am wrong.


30 thoughts on “Pot.Kettle.John Legend

  1. I see John Legend had pulled a Quincy Jones and is going after MJ’s supposed shame about his blackness.

    I’ll put it like this. MJ had vitiligo. But John Legend and Quincy? Well, they have vitiligo of the eyes when it comes to the women they date. And I’ll just leave it at that.

    Put a sista on your arm and get some “black love” in your life before you even think to start challenging MJ’s love of black folks.

    • @Kelley, you have spoken the truth here. I am so disappointed to hear that about Quincy that he could even make such an awful allegation.
      I’m actually very disappointed in Quincy.

      Co-sign to all that you have said. It astounds me the way some black people can talk smack about MJ yet not look at themselves first.

      • Quincy and John Legend really do have some nerve. Who’s next, Tiger Woods? Give me a break.

        MJ never chose for his skin to be that color. He had vitiligo. it is a fact and it’s in the records from the 2005 trial. Period. So for Quincy Jones to go around claiming MJ got chemical peels to become “white” is ridiculous.

        Everyone knows because of issues from his childhood, MJ got too many nose jobs. It wasn’t because he wanted to be white, it’ because he suffered severe “teasing” from his own father and it left the poor child scarred. I don’t think MJ ever got therapy for that it he took it out on his nose. It had nothing to do with his feelings about his black people.

        If MJ had such problems with black folks, why would he chose to surround his children with black people. The majority of his employees were black. I was just reading the other day, that MJ specifically requested a black person as his chef because he wanted to give a sister or a brother a leg up, since personal chefs who get these glamorous jobs in Hollywood, where they make six figure salaries, are usually white. Does that sound like someone who has issues with blackness? I don’t think so.

        If he had such a problem with black people, why write one of the most beautiful songs ever to celebrate black beauty, “Liberian Girl”. Why did he keep putting black women in his videos at the very time when black male artists were putting more and more Latinas and white women in their videos? Oh, I guess cause he hates black folks, right? SMH.

        The very first time I saw a true representation of Egyptians was in his “Remember the Tim” video. MJ single-handedly erased the white supremacist notion of ancient Egypt in a 5 minute video. But he had problems with blackness, right?

        I could go on and on, but I’m not even gonna let it stress me out.

        But I find it interesting that had MJ lived to perform those concerts and have a successful “comeback”, these same black celebrities criticizing him would have been begging to be on his new album or in his next single.

        • @Kelley,

          I have to say, John Legend came across sounding very jealous at the attention that Michael received. To make the comments he did so soon after the memorial was fucking disgusting and I refuse to let that go.

          Co-sign with everything you say. I am astounded to think that people really think he hated himself and hated how he looked, when he has done so much for people of our descent.

          Kelley said:

          Why did he keep putting black women in his videos at the very time when black male artists were putting more and more Latinas and white women in their videos? Oh, I guess cause he hates black folks, right? SMH.

          I’m going to have to write a post about this because I am sick to death about people saying Michael hated his skin colour and hated black women.

          Can you imagine how incredibly hard it must have been for him to find a woman who would have loved him for who he was, let alone a black woman?
          Yes, it would have been great if he could have found a black girl who would have loved him for him, but as he said, he had a crush on Diana Ross who was taken.

          People need to call a spade a spade and get over the fact that Michael had pale skin towards the end of his life because he was born black, and died black.

  2. oh my, to say that i’m disappointed in John Legend’s response to MJ’s death…I mean what the heck! I was a HUGE supporter of his music beforehand…jammin to his first record like it was going out of style…but I lost a bit of respect for him after those comments..ESPECIALLY after he tried to backtrack and remedy the situation hiding his true feelings…anything for a dollar these days…no matter what the facts are or not…

    makes me terribly sad…

    • @back to curly, thanks for commenting. John Legend is wack and so is his music. I used to like him too but for him to flap his gums after Michael died is disgusting.

  3. And let me just say this. I was a HUGE MJ fan. I grew up watching reruns of the Jackson five and Thriller was my life, but that doesn’t change what happened, and it doesn’t change the truth. I don’t think anyone is pointing this out to be mean, and I do think that he was a great credit to humanity and anyone saying that he shouldn’t be mourned properly because of his problems is just being a bitchass, but at the end of the day, Michael Jackson might have said that he was a proud Black American and that he was proud of being Black, but you and I know that his life told a very different story.

    I am sorry Aulelia if you like the guy. Millions of people liked the guy too, but if you ask any HONEST person, they will tell you the same thing I have just said.

  4. Aulelia, John Legend has a point, even if it is a misinformed one.

    Here are the facts.

    Michael Jackson may or may not have had vitiligo. However, he claimed that he did, and since I did not know him personally, nor am I a doctor, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he had vitiligo.

    Vitiligo clears out the skin problem. I give him that.


    Michael Jackson’s nose kept getting thinner and thinner, even when it was in serious danger of falling off he kept on with the plastic surgeries.

    Then there’s the straightened hair/lace front wig

    Then there’s the fact that he dated only white women

    Then there’s the most damning piece of evidence, ALL THREE of his children are as white as they come, and they weren’t even adopted kids, he specifically had them made through artificial insemination and whatnot and he specifically chose who their donors were (I think except for the last child). He CHOSE to have completely white children.

    Please, don’t tell me you were even half-surprised when CNN/BBC revealed that they weren’t his biological children like he had been claiming they were. The whole world suspected those children weren’t his and they were right.

    I’m not saying this to tear the man down, or to belittle all his hard work and contributions but the truth is; Michael Jackson had SOME problem with being Black/Blackness.

    We may never know what that problem is or was, but it was there and it was obvious. Yes, his skin may have not been his fault and I will never hold that against him, but everything else was a choice he made. He CHOSE to keep making his nose thinner. He CHOSE to wear a lace front wig instead of his beautiful afro hair. He CHOSE to date only white women, and he CHOSE to have pure white children and then try to pass them off as his.

    It doesn’t matter. Michael Jackson’s choices do not affect me personally, but there are people that looked up to him and say some of the choices he made as a betrayal of some sort, and you know what? I don’t blame them.

    • @Sugabelly, I respect your opinion but I 100% disagree with what you have written. Many of the girls in Michael’s videos have been black or women of colour such as:
      –In The Closet/Naomi Campbell
      –Blood On The Dance Floor/I forgot her name but she is a woman of colour
      –Thriller/Ola Ray
      –You Rock My World/Kishaya Dudley.

      Due to what a magnetic star he was, we can all have our opinions on his choices, but I don’t see how any fans can claim that he hated his blackness when he has said in numerous interviews that he is proud to be black.

      If Michael says that is how he is feeling, that is what I will choose to believe. His children aren’t pure white — they are half black? WTF? It really confuses me when people say this. And Michael isn’t the first black guy to be with a white woman, yet he is catching heat like he is the first person on earth?

      Don’t believe everything you read & not everything is as it seems.

      John Legend’s hypocrisy is astounding.

      • Umm… Aulelia, those children are WHITE. Last time we checked, his WHITE dermatologist was allegedly their father and we know Debbie Rowe is the mother of the first two.

        white mother +white sperm donor = white baby for me.

        And yes, Michael Jackson may have said he was proud to be a Black man because it would have been totally ridiculous for him to say otherwise. Remember he wasn’t even mixed. At least if he was mixed and he claimed to be white, there would be a lot of sense behind that, so the fact that he went on Oprah and said he was proud to be Black doesn’t mean anything.

        People say a lot of things everyday because they know that’s what others want to hear and then in private they go and do what they want.

        Yeah, MJ goes on Oprah and says loud and clear “I am proud to be a Black man” and the next week he books another appointment with his plastic surgeon to make his nose thinner.

        I’m sorry, but that is hypocrisy. I’m sorry he’s dead and all, and I know that he had mega-serious issues because of his messed up dad and all the crazy stuff that happened when he was little but the fact is, vitiligo or no vitiligo, he didn’t like his wide nose, his thick lips, or his kinky hair much.

        He pretty much thinned his nose into oblivion – NOBODY can deny that.
        He thinned his lips too. Compare pics from before Thriller to current pics.
        We all know the hair disappeared pronto. The coroner’s report said he died with his lace front wig on.

        Plus, he had an artificial chin cleft put in. Aulelia, come on. If ANYTHING at all, Michael Jackson did not like himself. He may have hung out with Black people, he may have employed them in his videos, but he did not like HIMSELF the way he was made.

        And if you don’t believe me, there is a News Reporter (or Newscaster – not sure) named Lee Thomas who has the very same disease that Michael Jackson had – vitiligo.

        Just like Michael, he is in the public eye constantly. Vitiligo could have been the kiss of death for his career. But you know what he does? He uses brown foundation to cover his vitiligo for his newscasting. He even did a documentary and wrote a book about it.

        Here is a link to a Google Image search of Lee Thomas both with his vitiligo and with his makeup on that makes him look normal.


        Please, I am willing to bet that Mr. Thomas has FAR LESS money than Michael Jackson yet he manages his vitiligo. Michael Jackson could afford to buy a whole tanning studio and install it in his home. He could afford to step in there every morning and have workers spray his entire body brown if he wanted and nobody would know the difference.

        Heck, nobody knew Lee Thomas had vitiligo until he opened his mouth and told the world.

        I don’t hate Michael Jackson. I’m sorry he died, but let’s call a spade a spade. In everything Michael Jackson did he had a choice, and he chose to make himself, and his associations increasingly white. Sure, Michael Jackson is not the first Black man to date a white woman, and I do not believe he will be the last, but within the context of all his other choices, it’s terribly suspect.

        You’re trying to make out that he didn’t have a choice in the vitiligo business. I say he did. He could cover it with makeup or he could go the more dangerous route and have the rest of his skin bleached with Benoquin, and he chose the latter.

        Mr. Lee Thomas is proof that Michael Jackson DIDN’T have to be white but he CHOSE to be. Tell me which is cheaper: Common studio makeup that is pretty much available to anyone that works in Hollywood, or a tightly regulated FDA controlled drug? You know what, forget cheap. Which is SAFER?

        The coroner’s report said MJ had skin cancer procedure scars on his chest. The skin cancer probably came from the bleaching. Why would someone risk SKIN CANCER when there is a safer alternative?

        It’s the same reason women risk burns, permanent alopecia, loss of hairline, hair breakage etc to have straight hair, even though they know that straightening their hair may well be destroying whatever hair they have left.

        It’s also the same reason those women on the Tyra show bleached their three year old children even though bleaching can kill children. It’s the same reason that lady on the Tyra show agreed to have a corpse’s skin grafted onto her body in order to become light-skinned (before Tyra told her the surgery was fake).

        Because they do not like themselves the way they are. They want to be something they will never be but they will die trying.

        Michael Jackson was an amazing performer. I do not doubt that. But whatever he said, I do not believe he was happy being a Black man. Whether that was entirely his own fault, or whether it was the fault of his father who reportedly made fun of his wide nose and other things, we might never know.

        He is dead and so I say this as respectfully as I can, but we cannot brush away the truth that is staring us in the face just because it’s unpleasant.

        • @Sugabelly, we will just have to agree to disagree because I still don’t agree with any of your arguments because they are all contrary to what Michael has said and are based on speculation. But thanks for commenting. I just don’t believe hype or speculation.

          If Michael says those are his biological children and he says he is proud to be black, then that is what it is.

          I am not going to second guess a man who has had a massive impact on my life. I just won’t do it.

          • Okay, I understand that. However, if they DNA test those children (as they most likely will since there’s a custody battle about to start) and it turns out that they are not his (as has already been reported), what will you believe then?

            • @Sugabelly,

              I am more than sure that those 3 children are his biological children. And if not, it is irrelevant anyhoo because in the eyes of the law, he is their father and judging by Paris’ emotional speech at his memorial, he is their father.

              I really believe they are his blood children (it’s just the conviction I have). Just because some mixed kids don’t look fully black doesn’t mean they are not half black.

              Until proven otherwise, I will not believe that they aren’t his kids. But to be honest, the whole point of my post was to put John Legend on blast for saying Michael has white kids when he [John] has a non-black woman.

              At any rate, I can’t be too concerned though — I need to pray God blesses me with children in the future before I worry about the paternity about Paris, Prince Michael I & Prince Michael II.

              • Oh I definitely do not dispute the fact that he is their father as far as parenting goes. From all indications he was a very good father to them and he and his children were very close.

    • @sugabelly
      i can see where you are coming from. i have had the same said about me because i have had white boyfriends. people will question whether or not you like who you are because of the choices you make. i can attest to the fact that although i fell in love with and had white boyfriends i would not trade my blackness or my culture for anything. you do have a point about his nose, however, his entire family had nose jobs, even his mother, katherine. however, no one ever questions their blackness.

      a few of his brother dated, married and had children by white women, however, no one ever questions their blackness.

      i think the main reason people assume michael jackson does not like being black is because of his skin color changed. i’m not buying the sentiment that because he chose to have white adopted children that he is somehow ashamed of himself. madonna, angelina jolie, steven speilberg, robert deniro, brad pitt and many other white celebrities have black children. however, no one EVER questions their allegiance with the white race.

      michael jackson idolized james brown, sam cooke and many other black celebrities. he had friends of all nationalities. he donated so much money and time to the desperate problems in africa. he donated money and took up cause with the CBC, NAACP, UNCF and other organizations that devoted their time to the support of black people, other minorities, disabled and under-privileged children.

      the fact that people cannot see past his skin and his choices to see that this man had a heart and loved all people is really a shame.

      and just to add to aulelia’s list… i’m a tad bit older lol (i think) so i can say that he also had black female counterparts or other black people in general in:

      Thriller (the most popular video/song EVER)
      The Way you Make Me Feel
      Smooth Criminal
      You Rock My World
      Keep it in the Closet
      Remember the Time
      Black/White (remember young Tyra Banks at the end! 🙂
      Scream (not sure that really counts. that his sis)
      Jam (Michael Jordan)
      They Don’t Care About Us
      Liberian Girl (is about an african woman for christ sake!)
      & Beat It

      Ok, I’m done defending the man. I love you Michael and I hope you rest in peace.


      • @lee, thanks for your comment. I completely forgot about Tyra in B&W!

        At the end of the day, I just don’t question Michael’s blackness because I believe his reasons for what happened.

        I’m just not going to second guess someone who has shown conviction and love for black people. I won’t do it. Yeah, I’m not down with the plastic surgery but those are personal issues that have fuck all to do with me or anyone else.

      • Lee, I’m not saying that because he dated White women he didn’t want to be Black.

        What I AM saying is that because of ALL THE OTHER THINGS, his dating only white women is also suspect.

        • yea, as i said before. i can see how someone could think those things but i am never one to judge without thinking clearly and weighing all the options. in the grand scheme of things… i could give a rats ass about the color of his children or the color of his skin or his thin nose. the man had a reason for it all. the man had a heart and the capacity to love all people. who am i to judge and dismiss someone based on their personal issues. shoot we all have them. i just believe as aulelia (you have a beautiful name by the way) that he never disowned or showed disrespect to the black race. he may have made some questionable PERSONAL decisions (such as having nose surgery or saying that he likes to share his bed with young boys) but who am i to judge. i am just going off the facts. he did have vitilago. i cannot remember one photo where michael showed more than a bit of his chest and his arms before he began bleaching his skin. there had to be a reason. he always wore tape on his fingers and eventually a sparkley glove… there had to be a reason. he was hiding something. he was a sensitive soul and he was not treated fairly by society. some are always so quick to judge because they are not willing to dig deeper and find out the truth. have a nice weekend ladies. it’s been real. 🙂


          • @lee, again I agree with a lot of what you have written. It’s always easy to look at someone else’s choice and think ”that’s fucking weird” but instead we need to focus on our own as well before we start talking smack.

            I just wish John Legend came harder than spouting off rumours and hearsay. It’s weak and pathetic.

      • Sorry, I forgot to add this. You completely sidestepped the issue of his plastic surgery. If you read what I wrote up there I said I am ready to believe he had vitiligo and I’m not knocking him on his skin, however you cannot simply ignore the man’s nose.

        The point of my argument is that while Michael Jackson may have had vitiligo which is definitely not his fault, he STILL kept on having plastic surgery to make his OTHER features appear more Caucasian, most notably his nose. And in the light of ALL the things that he did, his wives and his children become suspect. (Because of ALL THE OTHER STUFF)

        I’m sorry but the nose cannot be swept under the rug.

        • @Sugabelly, in this same thread, I replied to the commenter lee and wrote the following before you wrote this reply:

          Yeah, I’m not down with the plastic surgery but those are personal issues that have fuck all to do with me or anyone else.

          So I didn’t sidestep anything. I’m not a delusional stan who leaves things out on purpose LOL. Everyone knows he had plastic surgery —-and so what??? I personally wouldn’t do it unless I was in a car crash or something but I won’t judge Mike for doing it.

          He is not the first black person to have it done and nor is he the last. Michael did not have to give reasons for why he did his nose to me, you or anyone else who is not related to him by blood, because frankly he doesn’t owe us shit. If it rocks his world, then so be it.[1]

          It’s clear that he had issues with how he looked due to his father’s incessant bullying but I can’t speculate until the break of dawn [2] about it because I wasn’t there in the surgery room, asking him why.

          All I know is that people have to do what makes them happy. And if that means him having plastic surgery, then so be it.

          Who Am I to tell them otherwise?

          [1] — Invicible Mike reference 🙂
          [2] — Second Invicible Mike reference 🙂 🙂

          • Thats quite true about his father. I remember watching his interview with Bashir and according to him his father would often tease him about the size of his nose saying that he must have gotten it from his mother’s side of the family (also jokingly call him ugly and make negative comments about his acne) . As an already sensitive person, it wouldn’t surprise me if that had greatly damaged his self-esteem. As a pre-teen he had a traumatizing experience when a Jackson 5 fan recognized his brothers and began looking around for him and when another person pointed him out to her she made a sneer and said something short of “Uggh what happened”. Which probably made him feel even worst about his appearance. Also, I remember on the Oprah interview that he said that he even began to wash his face in the dark as a teen because he felt he was ugly. Thanks alot Joe

            • @Asha, amen to what you have said.

              I watched the Oprah interview yesterday and have rewatched it today as well. Michael was the subject of cruel taunts from Joe.

              Being teased and bullied is extremely traumatic.

              • i’d also like to add that the same could be said for women who perm their hair. are they also trying to be white? i think not! some women don’t even know what their natural hair looks like but i would never question their blackness or their love of our culture because of it. i’m able to see past the superficial and focus on the immaterial. i wish more people could do the same.

  5. for that matter we might as well say that angelina jolie and madonna don’t like white people because they have adopted children of african/asian descent…. some people are so close-minded. you know how it is though….. for the world you’re either too black or not black enough. a black man can never just be.

  6. i am so tired of people thinking that michael jackson did not like or love his own people and culture. for the most part the women of interest in all of his videos have been black. he constantly befriended and loved other black musicians, artists and actors. his charitable efforts in africa alone i’m sure outshine that of many major musicians. michael’s issues are exactly that…. HIS ISSUES. you can have a white friend, wife/husband or child and still be proud to be black. what’s ironic is his children appear to be the same nationality of john legend’s girlfriend. go figure.

    that’s my two cents.

    • I agree with most of Lee’s comments. If Michael’s skin hadn’t changed, people wouldn’t even be questioning whether or not he’s trying to escape being black.

      I believe the whole lace front issue was possibly caused from the irreparable damage done to his scalp from the Pepsi commercial incident (or unfortunately perhaps, chemo). Immediately after the incident, his hair was still textured, but moving on with the times you can’t keep rocking the jheri curl type style into the late 90’s. I don’t even think it’s possible for a lace front to be created in the style of a fade or ceasar cut like some of his brothers are wearing.

      I truly believe he loved being black. If you have a problem with a feature of yours it doesn’t necessarily mean you hate yourself or your race. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the U.S. So, if Michael was supposedly trying to meet some kind of “white” ideal, then so are the majority of white people (the main recipients of said surgeries). If his skin was the same color, he’d still be considered black…we don’t talk about Smokey or any of the other innumerable artists that have gone under the knife, now do we?

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