My Top 4 Favourite Michael Songs…because Michael was Music

I initiated the first step of my Ticketmaster refund today. Then I thought about the great times that Michael’s music has given me. I will not be posting the video of the last rehearsal. I can’t bear it because it is too grim and devastating to watch so I am afraid you will have to go elsewhere. All photos from Wiki unless stated otherwise.

Most people do a top 10 list or top 5 but I can only think of 4 Michael Songs that that really have touched me.

4. Thriller

Writers: Rod Temperton

Thriller is so iconic in some parts because of the video but to me, it matters because it was Michael’s coming of age. He sings with such aggression yet mixed with sweetness at the same time. Iconic.

3. In The Closet

Writer(s): Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley[1]


In The Closet is a Banger of a song! It just thumps you in the head with slams left, right and centre all over the gaffe! I think one reason why I love this song is even though it is an assertion of confident sexuality, it is not unnecessarily lurid. Beautiful song and the video! Michael’s legs were in their zone in that video especially from 5:37 onwards. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below:

2. Scream

[Image: MJ Animations]

Writer(s): Michael & Janet, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

Wow — what good words don’t I have to say about Scream? The song spawned the most expensive video in the world which is actually better than half of the Soulja Boy shit videos that clutter YouTube. Scream is an amazing song that attacks the maggots of the media who hate Michael. Go Janet & Michael.

I adore Scream and the shots from the video are fantastic! Michael & Janet should have released an entire album together.

1. P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)


[Image: MJ Fan Club]

Writers: Michael Jackson & Greg Phillinganes

P.Y.T is Michael’s most magical track to me because it is one of his most stripped down uptempo tracks. To me, it is his best because it is jampacked with so many lovely elements like the gorgeous kiss effect at the end of the ”oohs”. 

 One of my close friends put what the tragic events of what happened perfectly. She said: Michael Jackson was Music.

Who would dare argue with that?

–Aulelia–, writer of this blog and Michael Jackson stan always.



[1] – I never knew Teddy was involved with this song! New found respect for the new jack swing producer!!


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