‘No Thanks, I’m Catholic’

One thing I think about a lot is the history of Catholicism and the impact that non-Catholics try and push on other Catholics.

A few weeks ago, I was walking past Goodge Street station. A scientologist approached me to try and come into their centre, which ironically is on Goodge Street.

I specifically remember what I said to him:

  • “No thanks I’m Catholic”

I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I’m a Christian, specifically a Catholic so there is absolutely NO POINT in wanting to be part of Scientology, especially as the latter is known for cutting people from their families.

When I told him, I was Catholic, he said that ‘didn’t matter’. So, I was like ”are you lot Christians then?” He didn’t say no but didn’t say yes. He hesitated.

So then I asked them if they are more spiritual and he said ”yes”. I was perplexed by his reluctance to say whether some Scientologists are Christians are not.


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