Protocol for sending Thank You Notes??

I’d love a 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinion on this.

For my website, I have been conducted interviews with many people. I told myself early on that I would send thank you notes to everyone who allowed me to interview them because it would lead me one step closer to reaching my dream of seeing this website full of content.

What do you think of this strategy? Again, I was only going to send them to people I had interviewed and people who had agreed to meet me and talk about my idea.


  • Polite: One interviewee I sent a thank you card to said that I had manners.
  • Makes people remember you
  • Shows respect


  • A bit too saccharine?

Please help! Tell me what you think!


9 thoughts on “Protocol for sending Thank You Notes??

  1. hmmmm…”Thank you” an attitude of gratitude….it is a most interesting subject. I’ve heard it said “Thank You” are two of the most powerful words on the planet….well, don’t know if I’d go that far….but still. So, the question is then if they are so powerful…..why do we as a society so rarely say it in a personal handwritten card or letter?
    Just my $0.02 Mike Sill Upland, Ca

  2. Thank you notes are classy, and as long as you aren’t fawning in your notes then they will never be saccharine and always appropriate. I send thank you notes. People think they’re wonderful. (I have an amazing set from Crane :D)

    • @sugabelly, thanks for the perspective. I don’t think I was fawning bc I genuinely appreciated their help. I think I will continue sending them.

  3. Thank you notes are simply good manners, which are always appropriate and appreciated. I think it’s lovely that you are doing/considering doing this – so few do now.

  4. You have nothing to lose by saying thank you. If it feels right for you then that is ok. I am sure most people would welcome that charm.

    • @M, thanks for replying! It is a basic thank you card but it is quite colourful (red, blue, green?). They were the cheapest ones I coul find. When I buy the next batch, I will make the colours more neutral.

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