The Only Time I LOVE Secret Affairs in Marriage is…

corrie_kevin…when they are in soaps!

Molly & Kevin fucking SNOGGED today!

ARGH! Coronation Street is killing me today! For anyone who doesn’t watch Coronation Street, start watching it immediately.

Kevin is 15 or 20 years older than Molly, a young woman who went a massive weight loss change. Looks like ‘slimline Molly’ as her husband Tyrone called her is finally getting the attention she deserves! Woop!

Any other soap addicts out there? Naturally I think infidelity is wrong but I love watching illict affairs on soaps.

Taps into human emotions of sex, sex and more sex. At least some people are getting it!


3 thoughts on “The Only Time I LOVE Secret Affairs in Marriage is…

  1. im so shocked. i live in Canada and we watch Corrie out here, but were are like 9 months behind you guys. So out here Molly and Tyrone haven’t even got married yet. this is just shocking to me. I love Corrie (that’s what we call it out here) can’t wait til we get to this episode.

    • Deela, yeah we call it Corrie here as well or The Street. Sorry for breaking the goss to you.

      Please come back to the blog as it is great to see Corrie fans online. I am loving the affair between Kev & Mols.

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