Do Looks Matter In Your Career?

I would invariably say yes. In the past few weeks, I have been documenting my attempts to lose weight. I am delighted to say that today I weight myself and…

  • I am 69.6 Kilos!

My target weight now is 65 kilos, but I am also trying to get my stomach flatter. My mum and I have butted heads through emails and texts about my weight. In hindsight, she was right. I was bigger than I normally was and I do agree it was important for me to lose weight. So since the 10 May to 26 June, about 6 weeks, I have lost 4 kilos. However, this weight loss has made me aware of one thing:

  • Weight & looks do play a big part in how your career gets off.

There is a video of Neyo telling an aspiring singer that she should consider losing weight if she wants to go down the pop route. This is definitely true. However, in some ways, I think it does apply to whatever route you want to go through in life.

I want to try my best to achieve my goal of starting my media company, but deep down, I know I need to tone up my body to make myself look good. Hopefully my media company will focus on career information, so it is going to be a more practical side, but I do think I do need to revamp my looks as well.

I wouldn’t say I feel pressure to be thin, and it is not something I am obsessing about as much. I am still eating, but doing much more exercise and in fact, I am doing a BeyoncĂ©-lite style exercise regime where I do 10 squats instead of the 100 that she does.

Every day, I think about my website and how I want it to grow, but I also know I have to work on my stomach and get that in gear.

Do you think looks matter in a career? It’s bad, but having a toned body makes life so much easier to be honest with you. I just want my figure to go back to the way it was.

I am not saying being slim means I will have a successful career, but in such a cut throat world of trying to do your own thing, it may play a part.


One thought on “Do Looks Matter In Your Career?

  1. I think as sad as it is looks do matter in your career. Whether people subconsciously do it or not, everything about you from what you look like, your body language and what you say, matters in someone’s judgement that is made in the first 30 seconds they meet you. My friend dyed her hair a darker colour, because she wanted to be taken more seriously after someone advised her blonde highlights weren’t the way to go. I chopped my hair recently to add some maturity to my look.

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