‘Reader, I Married Him…’

Just spent the past two days watching historical romances.


  • Possession (2002 – with Aaron Eckart & G Paltrow)
  • Lady Jane (1985 – Helena Bonham Carter & Cary Elwes)
  • Vanity Fair (2004 – Reese Witherspoon)


  • Jane Eyre (1997 – William Hurt & Charlotte Gainsbourg)

Ironically, I watched Possession first and immediately liked it. It’s about two modern day scholars who find love letters between two Victorian poets. I thought it was sweet but then I got my hands on Lady Jane & Vanity Fair. Has anyone seen Vanity Fair with Reese W? I don’t know what it is about Reese Witherspoon but I think she is up there with Beyonce as a cool girl. She has an aura and this X Factor.

Lady Jane was excellent though! I thought it was just going to be a slightly trab Tudoresque thing but it told Lady Jane’s Grey rise and fall well. Bonham Carter is an acting beast – absolutely love her.

But out of all the films, Jane Eyre (1997 version only) has to take the crown. The gloomy film version of Charlotte Bronte’s book was lovely! I hated the book when I was younger as we had to do it for English GCSE but rewatching the film reminded me just how powerful the story is.

Are any of you into historial sweeping romance films? Can anyone recommend anything else for me to watch or read? I should add better not for you to mention anything Austen as I have read S&S and Persuasion and I am now on Mansfield Park. She is another LITERARY BEAST!

Extra Charcoal stan points for anyone who knows what novel the title of the blog post is from.


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