“It’s a Beyoncé & Rihanna World, Cassie!”

Wow. I’m a media person but wow, this man went all guns blazing for Cassie.

One US DJ has a mouth on him. Check out the audio in the YT Video below where Charlamagne, the DJ, tells Cassie:

Speak up girl, it’s a Beyoncé & Rihanna World, you need to be heard!

Cassie even says: “So, I live in a Rihanna & Beyoncé World?”

 I don’t like the idea of there being one or two hot black singers, but it is fair to say that Bee singlehandlely thumps peoples careers with her worldwide sold out tours, #1 hit singles. Beyoncé’s husband’s protégé, Rihanna, is not doing badly either.

Maybe the DJ has a point: Do Bee & R have monopoly on popularity? As many of you know I can barely be unbiased as I run Beyoncé’s Lair, my blog about Bey. LOL!  To be fair to Cassie, she did come across really nicely in the interview and she does have a good ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude and I am glad she addressed the pussy pictures leaking as well. She knows she is a role model, so I am glad she addressed that.

I am looking forward to reading any comments from you lot regarding the B&R world comment!


8 thoughts on ““It’s a Beyoncé & Rihanna World, Cassie!”

  1. Aulelia,

    I think Cassie did great in the interview considering how rude the dj was. Cassie is a serious cutie pie and sounds like a smart young woman. I think her only problem is being associated with Diddy. If she doesn’t get away from him (and soon) she won’t have any career at all.

    • @Monie, I wouldn’t get Cassied away with her just yet :). Her beauty has no bearing on her voice, which is why I don’t get why people go on and on about. I do agree that she is beautiful but that can’t be enough.

      The DJ was hard. ‘It’s a Beyonce & Rihanna world’ is a classic line and a sign of the times.

      In fact I disagree – the only reason she has any shine is because of Diddy. Without him, no one will check for her.

      • @Aulelia,

        Diddy is a career killer! Look at all of the artists around him and tell me which of them is doing anything? Remember Danity Kane? Diddy did okay for a little while in the 90’s but after Biggie and Mace who on Bad Boy has had any real success?

        • @Monie, you know you are the queen of my fave blogs but you are dead wrong on this one LOL! Diddy is NOT their father – he cannot be held responsible for every crevice of some people’s careers.

          If you want something hard enough, you will get it provided you work. I don’t know if they worked hard or if it didn’t work out, but I think his standards are high and some people didn’t make the cut.

          I am actually anticipating Cassie’s alb bc I think it will be her make or break.

      • I agree. I think that Diddy only helps her career. He puts the most focus on her. I have a friend signed to Bad Boy who I wish got pushed just as much. Yes the reason for that is her beauty over her talent. However, she clearly works very hard and is dedicated to bettering herself, something I think someone like Rhianna lacks. She got comfortable with the fact that people think she can sing (she can’t) and people are into club music now. As for Beyonce…she’s fly. I at times think she’s overrated and feels herself too much, but you can’t deny she can’t sing and dance her but off…Acting (a different story).

        But I’m a Cassie fan because of her dedication and candidness. She’s real, beautiful, and becoming more talented as time goes on. She deserves her spot and honestly should replace Rhianna!

  2. I don’t like the fact that they have two “black” singers who basically look the same and are of the same mixed race background, which means no love for darker people less mixed/more African black women. And that they could only entertain one “black” or “brown” woman at a time, so the industry is telling us that we’re lucky they let in another one. Seriously, things have got to change.

    • @Kandeezie: I have to say I am confused by what you said. Are you saying B & R aren’t black? They are both light skinned black singers, but I don’t think that means there is no love for darker skinned girls either. Colourism does happen in music of course but I do think it is also up to singers not to get too caught up in it and keep it moving.

      Unfortunately, the music industry is run by men as well which on the whole brings sexist tendecies along for the ride too.

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