Afro Hair Update: 1 HQ Texture Shot

I have not done a hair update in ages, even though I finally bought a digicam. I have been so busy working on deadlines and my project that my Afro has been sadly neglected. My diet has changed (a little) in that I am eating more vegetables like cherry tomatoes, drinking more soup and drinking green tea so I am hoping it will start to have an effect on my hair. My weight is slowly going down, and I must confess I have more energy (even though I am still dying for sweets LOL!).

Here is the back of my Afro. I just used some West Indian Castor Oil I found in a shop down the road from my gaffe, used my wide tooth comb to comb my hair into shape after I plaited chunky mabutus (don’t know the name in English – big plaits?).

Back 1

My hair is thick, but I have noticed the texture has become wiry and coiler. I know in the US some black girls define their hair by 3a 3c etc but I don’t. I just know that my Afro in the back is coily and much thicker than the front strands.


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