2 Cartoon T-Shirts That I Need in My Life

[NB: I would have included the Boondocks cartoon in here for being such a popular black cartoon but McGruder’s disgusting comments about Barack Obama make him a persona non grata on this blog. People need to stop hating!]

I am a sucker for cartoons. Since I was a baby, cartoons have always been a big part of my life. I specifically remember watching so many of them and lo and behold at the beauty of the t-shirts.

#2 – Top Cat


The theme tune music to this cartoon was JOKES!

#1  Betty Boop

I absolutely love Betty Boop and I have posted her image on the blog before. There is something strangely powerful to me about this cartoon. I am not sure why but I just love her look.

I am definitely going to find these.


One thought on “2 Cartoon T-Shirts That I Need in My Life

  1. I LUV BETTY BOOP SOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!! I want to get everything BOOP in my life….I would love to have these T-Shirts are they for sale anywhere? Please keep me updated on anything Betty Boop………….Your work is good…………

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