Black Couple of the Week #3: Tamla Robinson & Pep Williams

Charcoal reader Mel sent this image a while ago of an apparently new hot black couple. Tamla Robinson is the daughter of the iconic singer, Smokey Robinson (who probably has one of the coolest names ever). Pep Williams is a professional skateboarder.

Here they are seen out and about in L.A


[Image courtesy of Mel]

As usual, please send me your suggestions for black couples of the week at aulelia_2[at] I had been snowed under this week with work but my deadlines have finished so I will respond to emails quicker.


5 thoughts on “Black Couple of the Week #3: Tamla Robinson & Pep Williams

  1. Funny I just chatted with Pep Monday night Dec. 7 and he never mentioned Tamla. From what he said to me he has other plans.

  2. i grew up listening to Smokey and the miracles. will allways be a fan. and as for Tamla, lovely name. Tamla and Pep, good couiple. Gulfport, ms

  3. I heard about it but wasn’t sure if it was true or not. I love Smokey Robinson’s music. Its funny because my kids know who Pep Williams is and actually skateboard on his products. They asked me “who is Smokey Robinson?” Well now they know and they love his music. Pep and Tamla do make a great looking couple. Keep it going strong.

    Sean, NYC

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