Out & About #1: Is Rihanna A ‘Natural’?

This girl is bitchingly beautiful. Found this picture at Concrete Loop.

Rihanna @ A random Basketball game - aren't they boring?

Rihanna @ A random Basketball game - aren't they boring?

Does anyone know whether Rihanna’s coif is natural? And before naysayers start saying it doesn’t matter, of course it is not a big deal but I am just curious because judging by the kinks of the nape of her neck, I think her hair could be natural at the back and maybe pieces added in the front.

I am starting to like this bird now more. She looks more determined these days. I will be curious to hear her new alb. I hope she brings it.

And can when anyone comments on Rihanna or any black female celebrities, please keep your comments cerebral. I had to delete a comment today on a previous post on Chriannagate because it was really rude towards her for no reason (claiming her eyes are fake — um….no. Stop hating people!). Her eyes are not a big deal. I wish people would stop obsessing about that as if that is the only reason she is beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Out & About #1: Is Rihanna A ‘Natural’?

  1. if she has sensitive skin she could be skipping a relaxer on the bits of the nape, while she is wearing it short.

  2. Aulelia,

    I assume everything Hollywood is atleast partially fake. So I assume Rihanna’s hair is partially fake too. Lol With that said I saw these pics of Ri and she looks so cute. She still has a babyface. I think people forget or choose to ignore how pretty she is.

    • @Monie: She does still have a babyface – it makes her look cute but she needs to relax with the stush ‘pissed’ faces she does too. I think she has many haters.

      LMAO @ partially fake comment.

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