Weight Update: 71.3Kilos!

I have not done a weight update in a while so here is a quick snapshot of how it is looking. I have not fully cut out sugar (that will be too hard and make me stroppy) but I have definitely cut down on portion size, I am drinking jasmine tea and lots of soup as well as salad.

Here is a summary of the days that I have weighed myself on the scales. I use the kilos and stones system to weigh myself.

  • 10 May: 74 Kilos
  • 17 May: 72 Kilos (Woop woop!)
  • 25 May: 71.7 Kilos
  • 28 May (or thereabouts): 71.3Kilos (I remember the day before I was 71.2kilos but went up to 71.3Kilos the next day).

I am thrilled that I have lost 2.7kilos in 18 days. I am just delighted. I still have a long way to go until I get to my ideal weight and look. I am the type of girl who has slim arts and my neck is slim too, but my tummy just holds all my weight.

Derek & Sharon Charles (aka Idris & Bee)

Derek & Sharon Charles (aka Idris & Bee)

I went to go see Obsessed yesterday as it came out in the cinema in the UK. I actually really liked it LOL. And no, I don’t like everything Beyetta does by the way. I can offer an impartial opinion on what she does. I wrote a review of it on Beyoncé’s Lair so I won’t bang on about it. What I did want to say was that Beyoncé’s waist and her whole body is absolutely incredible. I cannot stress that enough.

I think I may need to go see Obsessed again just for weight loss inspiration because she has the body I want!

To the commenters, how do you go about losing weight? Is it easy? I just know that I want to be slim and have a flat stomach like the way I used to 2 years ago.


3 thoughts on “Weight Update: 71.3Kilos!

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss.

    Of course, I refused to watch the movie. I know people who saw it and said it was a waste of money. 😐

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