Beyoncé Spam Video: 25 May 2009 & My Review & Pictures

Please check out some hand-recorded video I did of Beyetta singing at the O2 on 25 May 2009. It’s embedded below so subscribers, please click through.

This is a review I wrote of the concert, intended for a publication that have fobbed me off! How annoying but check out the review anyway below:

You would have a difficult time taking your eyes off the gleam of Beyoncé’s Thierry Mugler outfits. But don’t stare too long: the 27 year old’s third tour is more vibrant than the couture.  Newcomer Zarif opened the show. She echoed 60s soul harmonies in ‘Over’ and ‘California’. Bajan singer Shontelle followed, the O2 crowd responding warmly to her hit song ‘T-Shirt’. Most of the diet for the show was from Beyoncé’s latest album. However, she peppered the night with uptempo tracks from her previous efforts such as ‘Get Me Bodied’ and ‘Freakum Dress’. They are vivid reminders of her relentless energy, which was hinted at during  her tenure in Destiny’s Child. Beyoncé incorporated her beginnings as a girl group singer with a mix of songs such as Bootylicious and Bug A Boo.

The buoyant crowd showed their true colours during chart favourites ‘Irreplaceable’ and ‘Single Ladies’, chanting along word for word. But then, the Texas native has matured beyond crowd pleasing. She showed an acoustic touch in ‘Smash into You’. The theatrics fans are used to were silent in ‘Ave Maria’. This experimental take on the classic was dipped in Latin at one point. For a language people say is dead, she pumped it with vigour. Home video footage of the singer as a five year old revealed her love of music. The roots for that passion grew from her first and second tours. But, it looks like the flower finally bloomed tonight.

Bee singing Bootylicious & Bug A Boo

Bee singing Bootylicious & Bug A Boo


Bee killing the stage as usual!

Bee killing the stage as usual!

On Beyoncé’s Lair, I have a ratings system to discuss songs. I call it the Crazy in Love chorus. 5 CIL choruses mean something she has done that’s great. 1 means it isn’t so hot.

This concert gets a massive 5 Crazy in Love choruses out of 5!

Haters, eat humble pie because she sang to a 20,000 sold out crowd!

Yam it up!


2 thoughts on “Beyoncé Spam Video: 25 May 2009 & My Review & Pictures

  1. Aulelia,

    You’re a brilliant writer. Thanks for sharing that. You’re piece even got me excited about Bey’s show and you already know how I feel about her. Lol


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