Careers: You Better Work!

Work work work work
Work work work work
Work work work work
Work work…you better work!
Work work work work
Work work work work
Work work work work
Work work…you better work!

—Ciara, “Work”, Album: Fantasy Ride [1]

My little sister (she is hardly little – 17 year old woman) is here for half term. Yesterday I was having a professional dilemma that I was unsure about and she gave great advice. Here is a summary of my problem[s].

Problem #1

  • As we know, Queen Bee is performing her London date on Monday. So I pitched a concert review for a publication. I was delighted when I found out from the editor (after emailing & calling) said I could write it and if they had space in the newspaper, that they may print it. However, as I was away with my mum this week in the country, I didn’t have access to my emails. Lo and behold my surprise when I check my emails and find out that they still want me to send the review BUT there is ‘no payment’ for freelancers. WTF? An established publication that has been around since the mid 18 century?

Problem #2

  • Another publication I did some interning at, I pitched an idea to the editor. He is really cool and told me to send my ideas whenever I had a chance. So I sent my idea. He wanted a different angle, which I am more than happy to do. I think he wants me to write an article on ‘on spec’ and he said he would give feedback or may consider to print it. I know this is a great opportunity but I can’t help thinking about my purse and whether I should pursue writing that pays dosh in my pocket immediately or whether to do spec work. I asked my sister if I should just abandon the idea and pitch other ideas to other publications and this is what she thought.

My sister said that I should just write for Problem #1 anyway. About Problem #’2, she thought I shouldn’t abandon the idea, write it, pitch it rewritten to the editor and if he doesn’t like it, I could always sell it elsewhere (and she has a point here because there are competing publications that I can send it to).

Sometimes it is good to get a view from someone who is not in media and much younger because they can look at the situation with fresh eyes.

What are your thoughts on expanding your career? How do you deal with professional issues such as this? Is it more important to think of the money and do paying freelance jobs? Let me know in comments, as always I love reading your opinions.

I was in Bristol on Thursday this week with a close friend and I was telling her how I am focusing all my energy at the moment on my career and getting it off the ground, so naturally the blog will feature more career oriented posts on media and just general analysis. I hope you like it.


[1] – Damn Ciara is knocking this song out! My sister introduced it to me last night – certified tune!

[NB: I’m back, Charcoalies lol! I am sure I wasn’t missed but it was cool to see my mum this week. We argue a lot, but she has given me a lot of food for thought that I will blog about in a few days time]


2 thoughts on “Careers: You Better Work!

    • @Jess: Yes, I think she did too. I will write the piece for Problem #2 and if they don’t want it, I will pitch it elsewhere.

      I am learning a lot more about editors and how they work.

      Thanks for commenting!

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