Alicia & Swizz Lose Their (Photo) Virginity

alicia 2alicia 1

One phrase: They look cute and happy together. Get it, Alicia!

Black love, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Alicia & Swizz Lose Their (Photo) Virginity

  1. How refreshing that you approached this from a positive angle…

    I do not condone cheating; but people need to stop making out like Alicia was the homewrecker. It’s hella more complicated than that. People fall out of love and move on all the time all over the place; villifying the woman has never made sense to me. So I am glad to see something nice about this couple.


  2. Aulelia,

    These pics mean NOTHING! They are just hanging out. When I see them holding hands, embracing or kissing then and ONLY then will I believe that (my precious) Alicia is dating this fcukwad!

    • @Monie, Nice try honey but she is BONKING Swizz and they look cute! LMAO. I am going to make Charcoal a new platform for Swizzalicia sightings ha!

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