Weight: This is not PC but…

I have been exercising regularly this week, which I am proud of. I have realised I cannot just cut food out of my diet, because I end up fantasising about it in my university lectures. So I have upped the ante, running in parks in the early morning, doing lunges and some crunches. I am still eating bread, chocolate here and there (I admit I had a few bars yesterday) but most of all, I am definitely doing more exercise than before.

However, today I stumbled across this article about weight. It’s from an editor at a health/weight loss magazine, who is 225 lbs. I don’t work in imperial units, so I worked out 225lbs to be circa 112 kilos, so she is more than 15 stone.

I know this will hurt to read and part of me does cringe for feeling this, but to be honest, how can anyone who is overweight like that be giving health advice at a magazine? Granted she is a journalist (something I aspire to be) and part of what journos do is collate information. But weight loss is so sensitive. Let’s put it this way, I will be more likely to read what someone who used to weigh 15 stone has to say other than someone who weighs 15 stone but still feels like they can write about how much you weigh.

Just seems a little contradictory to me…And before anyone tells me what about people who work on fashion magazines and are not fashionable, weight loss is different. Could you truly take what someone who is overweight saying as gospel on how YOU should lose weight?

It just sounds wrong. And on that note, I need to go running to shift these kilos off my body.


5 thoughts on “Weight: This is not PC but…

  1. i read her article and she says she has lost 30 pounds and exercises at least 3 times a week. which is better, a naturally thin person dispensing advice about fitness/weightloss or an overweight person who is actively trying to live more healthily?

    would it be better if she lost the weight then started advising? with everything you do, you have to start somewhere, and she admits she is far from being where she wants to be. while she doesn’t fit into the box of what a weight-loss editor should be, i think she brings a unique and useful perspective to dieting.

  2. oh , i don’t agree …. so many people out here talk the talk and do not walk the walk , at least she was honest . and she clearly saids she has been on many diets , so perhaps once she was skinny . Perhaps she has a thyroid problem .,

    I think tolerance is the key, u cannot judge a person on just an article

    • I’m not judging her, I am clearly stating that as someone trying to lose weight, I cannot engage with her content of telling me how to lose weight if she is overweight.

  3. I agree with your view point, if you do the talk then please show us the walk. I like you take my health and weight seriously amd combine exercise and diet as equal and important partners.

    Good luck with the training as it is hard as hell to maintain but the results are worth the struggle.

    • Trojan I completely agree with everything you said. I just find it so bizarre that one can be overweight yet still dissect weight loss.

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