Black Girls Gone Bonkers!

Cassie and her half shaved head. Rihanna. When will all the nude picture madness end? In regards to Cassie, she has no career to speak of anyhoo. Her music comes across in brief and tiny spells, just like a quick fuck with a 2 minute guy. Rihanna on the other hand has sold bare albums, a tour and has hit singles. So why R resort to having these photos leaked? I like Rihanna’s songs but I don’t think she is helping her career at all here. And it has nothing to do with the photos being private. They are both marketing their music to young, impressionable women. Nude pictures is not exactly what I’d tell young girls to grow up to do. Sorry.


13 thoughts on “Black Girls Gone Bonkers!

  1. whoa now why would we want the this all to end.

    but seriously I think Rihanna may have leaked the pictures in an attempt to market herself as more adult and sexual.

    Both did it for the buzz the would get.

  2. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if sneaky ass CB leaked those pictures. That’s what abusers do – anything to silence the one(s) they abuse via manipulation and/or blackmail.

    Now, if she released them herself, she’s gone bonkers. šŸ˜

    As far as Cassie….. whatever. šŸ˜

    • @ph2072: No one is checking 4 Cassie, that is definitely correct so her nude pix were a desperate cry for attention.
      I hope for Rihanna that they don’t damage her career.

  3. Well i think this goes beyond just a leak!!! remember Chris Brown and RiRi are currently in court, he is trying to get the court to dismiss charges on the grounds that “it’s frivolous” and that “it’s invalid because the picture were LEAKED and that prejudiced the case against him”. So releasing these photos is obviously an attempt to discredit her.

    Make no mistake i think had they not had their altercation these pics would still be private. they look private and not posed or contrived.

    As for Cassie it’s a cry for attention “SOMEONE NOTICE ME BEFORE DIDDY GETS TIRED OF FUCKING ME ….PLEASE!!!!!!!!”

  4. in the age of technology this is the norm. all the kids take photos of themselves naked and send them around . rhianna has never had a good girl image , your sister would do well to listen to jordan sparks , but possibly her music is boring compared to rhi rhi .

    • byrdparker, I just think it is irresponsible. As a person in the public eye and wanting young girls to buy these albums, they have a responsibility not to show their pussies in the face of their public.

  5. Aulelia,

    I get your point but…these same young women are listening to rap and watching rap vids. These pics of Cassie and Rihanna are kinda tame compared to hip hop vids and lyrics.

    Also I think hip hop has to take a lot of the blame for creating an atmosphere where it’s okay for R&B singers to release these pics.

    • @Monie, you are wicked and cool M but tame Rihanna showing her tits and Cassie showing her tits AND gash/pussy/coochiewawa/insert word for vagina? They weren’t tame. Rihanna’s at least were not as bad as Cassie but they were still bad.

  6. I think if Rihanna’s pics got exposed, we need to check who she was sending them to – because CBreezy has a history of calling the paps on Rihanna. I wouldn’t be surprised if him and his manager were behind this.

    As for her body being exposed, all of these stars wears such tight clothes and small outfits that look like underwear, so I was not surprised that her body looked like that. As some have already said – WHO CARES!

    • Her body is sick, Kandeezie, that’s no doubt but we should be looking at this issue bc she is marketing her music to young girls, and my sister is part of that target demographic so quite frankly, i don’t want my little sister thinking she can flash her coochiewawa like Rihanna.

  7. Kind of goes with the GGGB image? It may not have been someone she trusted – it could have even been her own management. Nothing fazes me.

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