Black Couple of the Week: Kamber

Yeah, yeah, I know I slagged off this bird on Monie‘s blog. But I have warmed to her. Kanye has kept it real so far with his choices of birds so tweet that, haters!

Here is Kamber @ the Met Costume Gala, New York, USA. Image from Concrete Loop.


This is going to be a new feature of the blog and I hope to make it interactive in that I want Charcoal readers to suggest black love couples that should be featured. If I use your suggestion, I will credit you so please email me or tell me in the comments which black love couple should be featured. If you don’t, you know what will happe…..I will just have to Jayonce the feature up LOL!


8 thoughts on “Black Couple of the Week: Kamber

  1. just because a woman has a little color they are beautiful why are black woman so dumb and stupid about color….black woman get off the color white woman rule all the black men love us because you all have black nasty skin lol,lol

  2. Her body is sick!!!

    Anyway, I suggest Will and Jada of course. I will have to think on this some more.

    • OMG Aisha, you are reading my mind! Her body is amazing. Your submission has been chosen my dear. I will feature Wada for next week’s black love couple.

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