Just a Quick Note

To any young females who need the physical company of a man,

Please forget about getting crushed by a lovely specimen. The reason for this is simple: when you travel on the train, there are many young mothers with their unruly children who scream and howl like wolves separated from their pack.

This should be enough to make him wear protection AND make you think twice about whether 1 hour of puffing is worth a screaming baby.

Don’t get me wrong, Charcoalies, I love children but a casual sex thing just is not worth getting pregnant over. My coochiewawa can wait.



6 thoughts on “Just a Quick Note

  1. LoooooooooooooooooL

    Can you tell that I am avoiding revision? I intend to catch up on all missed posts 🙂

    I’m confessing so that I can transfer guilt 🙂

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