It’s Doomsday! LC is leaving the Hills!

No….! No…..! Those are my charts! As I was casually reading my RSS feed today, I checked out the New York Times’ Media section and learnt that Lauren Conrad is leaving the Hills. Here is the confirmation:

Ms. Conrad’s label for Kohl’s represents a new chapter for her: she has said this will be her last season on “The Hills.” Little did fans know that while she was darting in and out of nightclubs with a camera crew, she was spending her days with Kohl’s.

I say nay to this decision Lauren. The new series of The Hills premieres on 3rd May 2009 on MTV One, so you can be your pounds I will be watching it to give LC her proper swansong.

LMAO. You lot, I don’t even know why I watch The Hills because I know it is contrived and ridiculous and dunce, but I still find it jokes to watch.

In other unimportant news, I am starting work experience at a magazine about Africa today. Full report on how it goes later on today or this week.


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