Candy Girl

The advert break just came on now, while I am watching Candy Girls.

It’s one of my new shows I am addicted to*. However, in this episode, something happened that showed that the music video world is still colourist. Here’s what happened:

Danielle told the girls they needed two birds for a N*E*R*D video. She picked Terricka & Olivia because they looked ‘mixed’ (Danielle’s words, not mine) as she said, N*E*R*D are like a ‘white,black’ group. I don’t think she said that in clear English anyway but the theme is clear: light skinned girls are wanted for black male groups, and dark skinned girls aren’t. Last time I checked Pharrell is black, not ‘white/black’.

I still really like watching Candy Girls but I think what Danielle said is a symptom of what the audience and industry wants to see, not what we should see.

*=Along with Daddy’s Girls, The Hills & The City.


2 thoughts on “Candy Girl

  1. This world is upside down and the woman is an arsehat!!! however still an enjoyable programme.

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