A Question about Celebrity

I’m working on this piece for a university assignment and I’d like to include some of your thoughts in it.

Here is one question I have for you:

  • Why do the public, who consume media, care about celebrity so much? And will our interest in it ever wane?

Let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “A Question about Celebrity

  1. At heart all humans are villagers, we need to gossip and bitch and on a grand scale, we are inherantly nosey and interferring, but the nest door neighbours just won’t do!!! we live far apart and don’t feel we can interfere with them but everyone, even people far apart know who the stars are…. just my theory!

  2. People always want what they don’t/can’t have. Celebrities are like an animal at the circus, they entertain us, shock us and leave us wondering about what really happens after the spot light is turned off. Also celebrities seem to float through life, one minute they are at a fashion show in Milan and the next they are sunbathing in Cabo!! Who doesn’t want to have that kind of life. As long as celebrities are unatainable “shining stars” we will always follow thier sparkle, we are only human.

  3. Aulelia,

    I think people are hooked on celebrity news because celebs do a lot of crazy stuff that most of us could never get away with doing. So I think people get a vicarious thrill.

    I think people have always and will always be fascinated with the celebrity lifestyle.

    • @Monie, thanks for your comment. I completely agree with the idea that it is a vicarious thrill. It is fascinating because it is extraordinary.

    • Yes, I think this is the primary reason. Ordinary people love seeing what celebrities are wearing to fashion themselves after that style. I guess the assumption is that if a celebrity is wearing it, it’s popular and if it’s popular, it’s attractive.

      Also, there is a little part of us that wants/needs/craves fame.

      And finally, celebrities are so far removed from our ordinary lives that it is easy to be judgmental, so we are quick to judge and quick to write things and jump to conclusions that we would never jump to if the celebrity was a friend we knew.

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