Black Swan/A (Mini) Essay

[NB: I wrote this originally for my mother. Please chime in with your thoughts and criticisms of my style of writing. I have always wanted to be a better writer, but I need to fine tune some things]


Black Swan

An Essay

The swan is famously known for having one partner for life. It is a symbol of love, as the swan does not find another mate if the partner dies, so unlike human behaviour. When widowed, the swan is akin to being a lone wolf, away from the pack with an independent mind.

The ‘black swan theory’ is based on the assumption that what we see is not necessarily what we know. It crushes the idea that all swans are white. It can be applied to how we are treated in the workplace. The boss, with his reptilian smile, will try and prove that all swans are white, and the dissenting black swan has to fight this attitude.

The boss in this sense is like a crocodile, trying to clutch at the swans feet to drag it down. The Caribbean idea of ‘crabs in a barrel’ applies to the crocodile’s behaviour. But how can a crab drag or even attempt to drown a swan, a majestic animal?

The beauty of a black swan event is that it is rare and unpredictable. However unpredictable things get thrown in the black swan’s way, we must remember that you cannot shut its spirit by clandestinely bringing in other baby crocodiles. The black swan always proves them wrong. She’s unstoppable.


2 thoughts on “Black Swan/A (Mini) Essay

  1. Aulelia,

    That was a beautiful analogy. It’s so true about how people try to project negativity on all things black, people included.

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