Hair does not equal Hits: Cassie & Christina

Glennisha posted many pictures of Cassie’s ridiculous new barnet. Check them out here. Here’s one found on Cassie’s Twitter.

1. Cassie


When I saw ridiculous, I mean what the aim or meaning behind the act is. I feel sure that this girl shaved off half of her barnet to get MORE attention for her upcoming album, not because she feels like she is creating a new lease of life. If this was the case, why didn’t she shave off her head when Official Girl was released? Oh please, this reeks of a publicity stunt for more attention for a girl whose singing abilities are dire. Yes, she’s stunning but that does not sell albums [1].

2. Christina


I don’t have a lot to say about this bird. I thought her new album coming out was going to be a fresh perspective. And now all we see is her snogging the face of The Dream (who LOVES the attention from what I can see) and her awful blonde barnet.

I think my point here is that hair does not equal hits. Many young singers hide behind image too much. At least CMilian can sing and write, which puzzles me why she is using this hair and The Dream as a platform for her album when she is fabulous anyway.

I am just disappointed with how R&B has turned out now, being all about image first and music later. And yes, I hear you, what about B? At least with her, her talent and performing pedigree is unquestionable. Not to be harsh but Cassie quaked when she had her first album, hence relying more and more on looks to get the public’s attention.

edit @ 14.57: I should also say that I don’t hate on Cassie or CM. Lol, I am a Beyonce fan so I know what haters are like (LOL) but I don’t understand why Cassie had to fall for a publicity stunt. I liked that It Must Be Love song but now it feels so fake and gagging for attention. But hey, who am I to complain? She has Diddy’s attention fully and anyone who can ensnare Mr Combs has some brain.

[1] Exception to the rule at the moment was Rihanna, but after the CB fiasco, we shall have to see.


11 thoughts on “Hair does not equal Hits: Cassie & Christina

  1. I don’t get what the issue is.
    Sometimes people just get bored and want to do something different.
    With women a lot of the time, when we are going through any change, one of the first places we express it is via our hair.

    Maybe Cassie is tired of being this pretty all american girl that people think she is, maybe she wants to be a little punkish…

    maybe she thinks this is hotness to her.

    Maybe she just wants to do something different.

    I’m struggling to see how you’ve determined that it is ridiculous and what makes you a barometer for determining what is ridiculous.

    SO christina died her hair blonde, so what?. Are we becoming that rigid and that inflexible that a simple dye job suddenly renders this women publicity hounds?

    Wow, what happened to black women being able to be so creative with their hair?

    Wow. this is getting a little bit just wow.

    • First of all, I never said I was a ‘barometer’ for what is ridiculous. You did so thank you for the tag.

      Second of all, like the way you are allowed to express your opinion about her hair, I am allowed to talk about it as well. Cassie is not stupid. She knows that shaving her head gives her publicity and when something is given publicity, people are allowed to talk about her.
      She is trying to create buzz for her album, that is the impression I am getting.

      And for the record, I like Cassie & Christina. I just don’t think they should be relying on hair to give them attention when they could focus more attention on creating banging songs.

      Don’t assume that when someone has an opinion that they are tearing down other black women. I am definitely not like that and if you took the time to read the blog, you would see I am not.

  2. Don’t like the cut of Cassie, but she’s a pretty girl though. As for Christiana, highlights would probably be better for her. Maybe she wants to try something new and she is young.

    • @Monie: I try my best for you, as always 😉 LOL, I am joking because she has her hands on my big celebrity crush. Love Puffy. He’s hardcore hilarity for me.

  3. Aulelia,

    Lol, I totally love her new cut. I think she looks amazing. She may be doing it for attention but I still love it. 🙂

    • LOL. We will def have to agree to disagree because even that picture above screams ‘buy-my-album-please-before-puffy-stops-fucking-me.


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