Black Girls in Magazines: Rihanna on VIBE (May 2009)

The always wickedly cool Monie has put up a first shot of the VIBE cover with Rihanna, so here it is, courtesy of Monie On The Outside.  

The image itself is beautiful but actually, why are VIBE giving this a cover when it happened weeks ago? Unless Rihanna is willing to talk publicly about it, there will be nothing exclusive about the article.

It is no secret that I am not a huge fan of VIBE at the moment. It has sunk below sea level with how bollocks it has become. But I am more than SURE Rihanna will not have been interviewed for this magazine so why do a feature on it unless she is talking? I will take back what I said if she spills but, I doubt her PR would allow that.

At any rate, the image is wicked. I am seriously wondering what will happen to Rihanna’s career after this whole debacle because as much as I still listen to SOS [1] when I am jogging, I think her silence on the issue will hurt her in the face of her young female fans who need to see strong women making a stand.

P/S – As usual with all black girls on magazine covers, I will be buying this issue when it finally gets to London so expect the full scans and article as usual.

[1] – Don’t pretend, SOS is still a banger and better than any of the songs she has released since. LOL!

4 thoughts on “Black Girls in Magazines: Rihanna on VIBE (May 2009)

  1. Aulelia,

    I agree that there won’t be anything new on Rihanna in this issue. They are just capitalizing on the controversy. Vibe is just a shell of its former self. I have some classic Vibes from the early 90’s and it’s too bad they have gone the route they have instead of being who they used to be.

    Thanks for the link love! 🙂

    • @Monie: Astute observation as always, Monie. I will not be surprised the day it goes under because quite frankly, it is absolute bollocks.

      Monie, you have to remember esp for in that I am not an African-American girl, so I suppose I am not a segment of the target audience but I am a black girl so I thought I could relate to a lot of what Vibe was about but it’s because such a patronising magazine full of celebrity worship and with no substance.

      And there are BARELY any black people in proper features?

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