Black Girls in Magazines: Rosario Dawson/New York Times Style

[Image Credits: All Image Scans of Rosario are from Style Frizz Blog]


This is a regal, almost African looking shot. Gorgeous. More scans after the leap.



I am pretty sure if I had legs and thighs like Rosarios, I would be catching so many men in my grasp. Honestly. This girl’s body is cosmic.

15 thoughts on “Black Girls in Magazines: Rosario Dawson/New York Times Style

  1. I for one have seen an article where she was calling herself “a latina” – and I think rightfully so as her father is white and her mother is part black, part latina.
    If memory serves, the article was in “Elle”, with Mandy Moore on the cover…
    And I’ve read somewhere that she has founded and supports an organization called ” Voto Latino”…

    I would say she is in the same case as Tiger Woods…They are not really Black, but because White people back in slavery times have installed the one drop rule, these people got labelled “Black”.

    • She went to the NAACP awards which to my recollection is an awards event for black people.

      She looks black to me so I just see her that way.

    • Kimi,

      Rosario is a Latina with African roots as is the case with many people of Caribbean Latin decent. Race is really about culture and if you look at it that way it’s less confusing, I think.

      And her mom is Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban, her dad is Native American and Irish.

      Like Aulelia, I see her as Black.

  2. I have always been a fan and had a crush on Rosario Dawson.But I never knew she considered herself Black.Part Black but mixed.Go figure everyone wants to be Black in the age of Obama

  3. Aulelia,

    Lol, I’m not sure if I already said this in a comment but I’m going to swipe these pics of Rosario. You probably figured I would when you posted them.


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