The Top 15 Black Celebrity Couples…

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I am liking making list posts, so I thought I’d give this a go. Here is my list and needless to say, I am a fan of most of these couples. Read on for the commentary and let me know if I have missed anyone. The list is in order of who I like.

15. Rihanna & Chris Brown

[Image Source]

(My Take: The perils of young love people. We have all been there.)

14. Meagan Good & Thomas Jones


[Image Source]

(My take: This bloke is sexy. Seriously he is. I can’t wait for Meagan’s film The Unborn to come out later this month.)

13. Eva Pigford & Lance Gross

[Image Source]

(My take: I don’t know who he is, but he’s fit. Eva looks cool – she did win the first series of the US version of Top Model I think).

12. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

[Image Source]

(My take: No comment but I love Mimi at any rate.)

11. Kassy & Liya Kebede

[Image Source]

(My take: Liya needs no introduction. Kassy is an investment banker. Bank that people! East Africa is here!]

10. Noemie Lenoir & Claude Makelele

[Image Source]

(My take: They are such a gorgeous couple. Interesting how if you translate Noemie’s maiden name, it means ‘the black’ literally in French. Makelele is from Congo-Kinshasha and his name means ‘noise’ in Swahili. So random, love it.)

9. Omar & Keisha Epps

[Image Source]

(My take: So bloody cute, Omar is. Wow. I know why I have been watching House, M.D, all week. Keisha was in Total. Black love looks better with each entry.)

8. Tyra Banks & John Utendahl

[Image Source]

(My take: Tyra, love you! I heard that this bloke is an investment banker, who is 50. Wicked. She’s cute and so is he.)

7. Tyler Perry & Gelila Bekele

[Image Source]

(My take: I only found out about Tyler’s SO after reading the Feb issue of Essence. She’s a stunning model. And she’s East African too, an Ethiopian just like Liya. We are doing great in this list!)

6. Kimora Lee & Djimon Hounsou

[Image Source]

(My take: Is it possible for African men to be any sexier? Djimon proves that it is possible. I like Kimora too as well. She has lots of personality. And before I hear anyone saying she is not black, she is. Is it just me or is that mag scan really great for once for Bazaar?)

5. Denzel & Pauletta Washington

[Image Source]

(My take: Denzel still has it. I don’t know what it is. But he has it. Gorgeous man. These two have been married for ages.)

4. Oprah Winfrey & Steadman Graham

[Image Source]

(My take: Like I even need to write anything. This is a given as to why they are on my list!)

3. Beyoncé & Jay-Z

[Image Source]

(My take: As a stan, I just want to see mini Jayoncé’s now. Bee is too bloody gorgeous! Love this couple, but then if you read this blog, you know that is a given.)

2. Will & Jada Pinkett Smith

[Image Source]

(My take: What a dreamy couple. They are gorgeous, humble and just all rounders. Thumbs up.)

1. Marack (Yes, they are that cool now that I have merged their names)


This is my list. I know there are people whose names I have missed out but let me know what you think.

Black on black celebrity couples are not that common as this list in itself proves because even though there are others, there are not that many.

Of this couple, only a few are actually married like Will & Jada, Marach & Mr and Mrs Carter. This is something to think about.


29 thoughts on “The Top 15 Black Celebrity Couples…

  1. Wow. Interesting to look back at all the comments (including mine). Will & Jada, Djimon & Kimora, Omar & Keisha, and Barack & Michelle are still together. Any updates on the other couples?

    Also, VERY glad that Rihanna left HIM after the horrific violence that he committed against her. People are still defending that dirtbag too. How disgusting.

  2. @ph, I will be interested to hear what their publicists say.

    @Dickwell Trust, I don’t really know why people think Tyler is gay. Just because a man does not have a girlfriend, does not mean that he or she is gay.

  3. @ph, oh my goodness. What the fuck is wrong with those women? And it has NOTHING to do with island women. Black women, whether from Africa or the Caribbean, have all suffered from domestic violence.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. What a damn shame. You should see some of the ridiculous comments saying that “she probably deserved it” and “you know how those island women are!” and “women run their mouths too much”. Lots of them are from WOMEN.

    Patriarchy at its best. And the women are spreading it the most, worst, and hardest.

  5. I’m still on the look-out. Regardless, I sincerely hope that he has not raised his hands to a woman.

    P.S. I prefer YBF over Media Fake Out.

    • @alarileone: Thanks for commenting. I agree with your statement that we love hard. I hope see more
      beautiful successful black couples in the future as well!

      @ph2072: Okay, mainstream sites have picked up the news. and the telegraph had a link as well.

      Wrigleys have also suspended Breezy’s sponsorship. What a way to throw away a career, Chris? What a dickhead.

      I hope Rihanna is okay and safe. She is a beautiful girl and let’s be frank, Chris is more famous because he was with her.

    • @alarileone: Thanks for commenting. I agree with your statement that we love hard. I hope see more
      beautiful successful black couples in the future as well!

      @ph2072: Okay, mainstream sites have picked up the news. and the telegraph had a link as well.

      Wrigleys have also suspended Breezy’s sponsorship. What a way to throw away a career, Chris? What a dickhead.

      I hope Rihanna is okay and safe. She is a beautiful girl and let’s be frank, Chris is more famous because he was with her.

  6. Wow how refreshing. Its so motivating to see all these sucessful black couples posted! I say motivating because it seems that black women and men more than any race are always portrayed as having baby momma/daddy issues and people forget that believe it or not we make and fall in love too. we laugh and we confide in each other also. We love…hard!!! So its good to see these couples up here breaking the mold that society has tried to impose on us.
    I do agree though that we are VERY behind the marriage bandwagon. Im not one for conforming but I think that it is a bandwagon that we do need to be trying to hop on. I used to always say and half of me still feels that I dont ever want to get married. And straight up, its because Ive never had a relationship to look at to say that it is a good example of a lifetime commitment between two people, two black people at that. So hurry up oprah an all the rest of yall. lets show em how its done. black style ; )

  7. @ph2072: I can’t trust much of YBF. Thanks for posting the link, but no mainstream sites have picked up that Rihanna put her name down. Natasha ‘says’ they are trying to get their hands on the report but they don’t have it.

    So, I don’t believe Robyn Fenty was hurt until she says it. Either way, people only business about Breezy because of RIhanna, not the other way around.

  8. @rdb: lol 🙂

    @Monie: I don’t believe that Rihanna was involveduntil it is confirmed. I never believe these rumours until they become concrete.

  9. Aulelia,

    It looks like Chris and Rihanna are no more. When all the dust settles we’ll get the full story but if what I’ve heard so far is true shame on Chris.

  10. Rihanna and Chris – cute example of young love. Could it flourish? Who knows.

    Jay-Z and Beyonce – *rolls eyes over and over again*

    Barack and Michelle- that #1 spot is well-deserved.

    Jada and Will – a close 2nd, if not tied with the Obamas.

    Djimon and Kimora – seem good together. He seems like a reality check for her over-the-top behavior.

    Didn’t know about some of the other couples. Still nice to see. 🙂

  11. I love Barack and Michelle. I want a love like they have. As for Tyler and Gelila. I don’t they are (if they even were) together. She has changed her status to “single” and he stated in an interview that he and his dog Aldo are going to be together for a long time. Sounds like he aint looking for Gelila or any woman for that matter for a relationship.

  12. I also love seeing black couples! (I didn’t know Tyra had an SO.) And I don’t think Oprah needs to get married. She’s happy and that’s what matters. Marriage doesn’t validate a relationship. Just my opinion though. My favorite two are definitely the Obamas and Will and Jada. The partners in both these couples compliment each other well!

  13. @Monie: I am glad you like the post, because I know I love seeing black people together in couples. It is getting rare these days, so it cheers me up whenever I see it.

    Oprah: I agree. That’s the one thing that annoys me about her because I stan for her to the end no matter what. The first female black billionaire will always get love from me but the fact she won’t get married is frustrating for black women. I know that if she did get married, the image of black women being unmarriable would change.

    Tyler: Lol you think so. I don’t think he is gay. She’s stunning though. He better snap her up.

    Tyra: So true, she has dated lots of guys who have liked her just for her looks. But credit to Tyra, she has dated famous black men too. I don’t know what it is about black couples, but black people together just looks to powerful and fierce, you know? Besides that 50 year old guy is hot, I’d love to see Tyra have a baby too.

    Rihanna: Yeah, it’s just puppy love. They’ll be on cocaine next. LMAO.

    Liya: yay, I love them too! Black people are too beautiful honestly.

    Will & Jada: I *heart* Will and Jada so much. They are just real. You know Monie, I did work experience at a top entertainment magazine and I was told by people in the know that he actually is such a nice guy and it isn’t an act. I never thought he was. I am studying to be journalist and I can tell for a fact that he is a journalist’ dream to interview because he is very easy to talk to (or it seems that way on TV).

    Jay & Bee: Leave them alone LOL. They are too cute for words. Love ’em. I need Jay to give Bee some babies already though!

    And I love the magazine spread of Djimon and Kimora, the Beninois Oscar nominated actor is definitely a STEP UP from Russell Simmons’ teeny self. They are so cute. I hope he does the right thing and marries her.

    @memphiz: Completely agree. Black couples look so good. Although I wish I had a man for more immediate, ‘tending to’ reason. LOL.

  14. seeing this list makes me wish i had a man lol … and the guy Eva is with is an actor he plays on the Tyler Perry show House of Payne i beileve.

  15. Aulelia,

    I love this post.

    On Oprah; I find it very disappointing that she refuses to get married. I think she sets a very bad example at her age just living with a man.

    On Tyler Perry; I don’t believe that there relationship is real. Honestly I think she is his beard.

    On Noemie; They make a nice couple. She’s so hot.

    On Tyra: I hope it works out for her. She seems to have had a lot of bad luck in relationships.

    On Rihanna; I really don’t take them too seriously. lol

    On Liya; I love them both! Definitely a wonderful couple. Plus they have adorable kids.

    On Will and Jada; I was never really a Jada fan but as she gets older I like her more and more. Will and Jada are my kinda people!

    On J and Bey: NO COMMENT!!!!! lmao!


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