Mashed Up: Revolutionary Road & Slinky Dress Silhouettes

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I have to admit, I am a full blown junkie.

I cannot stop my addiction to the cinema crack. It just pulls me and tortures me with each new release that comes out this week. I went to see Revolutionary Road today in Wood Green. From my new found cinephilia, RR is probably the most thoughtful film I have seen this year (and as you can tell from my previous posts, I am definitely indulging in my cinema crack habit).

Revolutionary Road

Needless to say, Kate & Leo have so much chemistry together as a couple. They are like needle and thread; they seamlessly interact each other in such a natural way.

They were believable in Titanic and they are so believable in RR. They just look like a couple. I know they are huge celebrities and I hope I don’t sound extra writing this, but if you saw them bopping down the road, I could easily mistake them as a genuine couple. RR is prism of what could have been post-Titanic (Am I reaching?). It seems like this with each line, each glance that they both bounce off each other. I should be upfront and say that I love these two – I just think they are really organic actors, and it comes through on film.

The doyenne of the film’s supporting cast has a Titanic glow herself – Kathy Bates! Her son, John, played by a cutting Michael Shannon is definitely one person to watch. He has also won a supporting actor nomination for the Oscars for this film. For any James Bond stans, Shannon shares an uncanny resemblace to Jaws, honestly!

RR is a mournful and melancholic film, a slow burning exercise in the heartbreak relationships cause.

Fashion: The costuming in RR made me salivate! It’s given me loads of ideas for looks I would love to try out when my money situation improves.


This is one of my favourites! I love how the belt just shapes and moulds the cut of the dress. Really cute. And is it just me or has Kate lost bare weight?

I think this picture is an outtake:

Just gorgeous. I love gloves and I think they complement the look here. I need to find a seamstress in Walthamstow who could do a cut like this for cheap. It’s too gorgeous. 


Revolutionary Road (2008/Director: Sam Mendes)

Recommended for: Kate & Leo stans & Drama genre fans.

Don’t watch it if: If you don’t have the patience to watch dramas.

My verdict: 4/5 coals

[Images: Diabolina Fashion Diary/All Movie Photos]


EDIT @ 1 Feb, around 22:00: OMG, I just found the effing cutest and just loveliest interview ever that these two have done. They are too cute. 2 more pix & the trailer follow the interview.

Here are some excerpts:

Speaking of your private life, do you ever look at Kate and just think, ”Damn, she’s the one who got away.” [They look at each other and burst out laughing.]
WINSLET: Say it!
DICAPRIO: [With a weary groan] We’ve always been completely platonic.


DICAPRIO: Then I did Man in the Iron Mask, but that was before Titanic had been released. I think?
WINSLET: Yes, you did Man in the Iron Mask and then you did Celebrity.
DICAPRIO: Thank you, Kate! [Laughing] I think it’s hilarious that I need to ask her.
WINSLET: May I? [Reaching over and rubbing her finger over DiCaprio’s nose] You’ve scratched the top of your nose! Oh, no, we’re literally doing everything we said we wouldn’t do.
DICAPRIO: I know, this is a little too cute. It’s like out of one of those —
WINSLET: Don’t say it!
DICAPRIO: — one of those scenes from
When Harry Met Sally… with the old couples. ”And I met her in the park in 1992! And she was…” ”Eating a hot dog!” ”And I was scratching my butt!”
WINSLET: Oh, my God, and look at me fussing over your face. I’ve literally turned into a combination of your mother, your sister, and, I don’t know what, your wife!
DICAPRIO: By the way, I really hate talking about post-Titanic because it always sounds to me in print like I’m complaining when I have nothing to complain about. That movie gave both of us tremendous opportunities for what we wanted to do as actors.

Here are some great shots:



Again, these two are too cute. Catch this film if you can. It was really good.


8 thoughts on “Mashed Up: Revolutionary Road & Slinky Dress Silhouettes

  1. Howdy, you do make up a couple solid points. Im also engaged in this issue and it was a good read so I thought I would leave a comment that you mentioned a number of nice themes.

  2. I saw Revolutionary Road and although I felt Kate Winslet was the shining force in the movie I felt the movie was like a play. I didn’t feel the movie explored Kate’s character’s depression and emptiness enough. It was obvious that there should of been more development there in the movie. I liked Michael Shannon’s performance he definitely made the movie entertaining. I am not surprised that Academy snubbed Revoltionary Road in favour of Kate’ performance in “The Reader”.

    • Thanks for commenting. That’s interesting. I felt like both characters were well developed. I felt like
      the whole point was that they were dying to be their real selves, when they *knew* they couldn’t.

      I am Kate & Leo stan. Seriously, those two need to just have babies. So cute together.

  3. They truly have a wonderful rapport. I’d heard good things about the film, but I’m not in the mood to be depressed.

  4. @byrdparker: I thought RR was a really good exercise into what marriage appears for some people.

    Though, had she killed herself, I think I would have been disappointed as she had 2 young children and it would have been selfish.

  5. i just saw the reader , and i liked it , but tired of the subject matter. revolutionary road , the part with kate in the woods , running , and just wanting to be left alone . I have been there , it took me back , the screenwriting right at that point was excellent .

    I did not like the end with her self inflicted abortion death . I felt the character at that point , after being swindled and bamboozled by the one you love, pressured everyday by seeing your mistake ( her affair with neighbor) where could she go back to a point of refference ? Clearly she was not strong enough to leave him . she clearly needed him , so at that point i thought she would have committed suicide .

  6. @Monie: I really liked the film! So cool that you have just seen it as well. It’s always great to be able to bounce ideas off other people who have seen it.

    It’s odd like I think Kate’s performance in RR was much more exemplary than The Reader. I know she was fab in the The Reader and I really liked that film but RR just grabbed me more. It was melancholic and charged with bitterness and all sorts of emotion.

    The exchanges between Leo & Kate are fantastic. I just want them to make more films together. They are just excellent.

    And I will be checking for Michael Shannon from now on. He was heavy in this role.

  7. OMG Aulelia, I just finished watching Revolutionary Road not five minutes ago! I have a screener of it. I had been putting off watching it but decided to watch it this morning.

    You are so right about Michael Shannon, he just about stole the show. His performance reminds me of Viola Davis’ small but powerful part in Doubt.

    Kate was amazing. The way she turned her emotions on and off and on again. I haven’t seen The Reader yet but I can’t imagine she was better in that than this.

    This film was so sad. It really makes you think about the decisions you make and not letting life pass you by. I just knew if she didn’t make it to Paris one way or another it would kill her.

    And I guess Leo’s character turned into his dad just as he feared after all.

    I have a screener of The Reader too but I don’t think I could take it after watching Revolutionary Road . lol

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