The Top 10 Best Sexiest Natural Afro Hair Styles For Black Women

(November 2018 Update – Wow, it’s been 9 years since this post and natural afro hairstyles have only grown in popularity. These looks still look excellent for 2019 and beyond. Always pair hairstyles like this with a groomed and polished makeup look. I like doing these hairstyles while wearing glossy lipstick to truly stand out from the crowd with my natural hair)

10. Yasmin Warsame


I love this look.The short, cropped curls mesh gorgeously with the bodice. It makes you want to chop it all off!

9. Ajuma Naseyana


She is just too beautiful. I have blogged about her before. But I especially love this photo because it shows how cropped natural hair sets off African faces gorgeously.

8. Jill Scott


Jill doesn’t need an introduction but I think with this photo, the Afro looks majestic. The Tower of London’s crown jewels are in this picture.

7. Jessi M’bengue


M’bengue is French (and probably of Congolese or Cameroonian descent judging by her surname). I love how full her Afro looks here.

6. Yaya da Costa


Yaya looks wicked here. I love how full her hair is on both sides as well.

5. Erykah Badu

One thing I love about Erykah’s Afros is they always look different. In this picture, the curls are voluminous.

4. Kanye West


I saw this on this Kanye fan site. How gorgeous is Nia’s Hair here? Wow. I love how perfectly circular her Afro is.

3. Lauryn Hill

This is a vintage Lauryn Afro photo that I have posted before. But to me, it symbolises everything an Afro should be: iconic, classic & powerful to look at. Gorgeous!

2. Wakeema Hollis


and the 1. is…Wakeema Hollis, encore une fois!


To me, her Natural Afro is everything I want my Afro to be: quirky, individual and just beautiful! Work it!

Bubbling Under: Tracee Ellis Ross, Laura Izibor & India Arie

What do you think of this list?

64 thoughts on “The Top 10 Best Sexiest Natural Afro Hair Styles For Black Women

  1. I am 60 years old and just dyed my hair blond. It is in a semi natural state, because in March (it is now Aug.) I got a curl and it has half grown out. I have a round face and my question is what kind of hairstyles can I wear? I did not mean to go this light but since I did, it has grown on me. I like my natural state but want to do different styles. Even when I permed, I never stayed with the same style, week to week. And, also, how do I keep it healthy? I just tuned into this site a few minutes ago and love it. May you be blessed with long life.

    Shirley Birley

    • For me when hair was very dry I remedied this by oiling hair when wet and combing through after washing. I also wet my hair daily applying the same method putting oil onto hair or a leave in moisture conditioner- One that works for me is Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner. Also watching my diet has contributed a lot to the changes in the moisture level of my hair.

      Good luck πŸ™‚

  2. hey yall! ive been natural for the last 2 years but,no hair cut for the last year. im loving my hair and the longer it gets the more im determined to never get another haircut… least for now ;-)! i find that since ive had my natural hair ive been through a mixed bag of emotions,from my hair being really really kinky,to family members asking me why dont you texturize anymore or at least hotcomb it.I tell them its not where im thinking of coloring it,since my wedding is next week,and can you belive after all this time my mom still wants to hotcomb my hair for the wedding!!!! no way!my fiance is growing out his hair in the back to loc up and the rest is bald and he gets asked about that all the time.why cant people embrace individuality,like we are weird?! we love our hair and when we are blessed with children we are intilling in them black conciousness and history and a love for their hair,and a love for God and how he made them. Love ,Peace and Hair Grease!!!!!

    • its not easy for peeps to embrace change. I hope time has made ’em realise that’s where you at. Congratulations on the wedding!!
      I too am going natural this month!! Excited and nervous at the same time, will post pics.I am African but I noticed less African women want natural hair….
      so end of month im crossing over to the natural side!@%$&

  3. Hi everyone, I’m happy this site exist and I’m so glad that there are people I can relate with in the natural hair world. Yhu seee I never really relaxed my hair that much due to my best friend’s hair that went so thin and hardly ever grew back then in high school cos of lots of perm. I resolved to perm after every three months later to every three months then I increased it to six, seven month… The urge to cut my hair disturbed me so badly I had to tell my parent my plight. They gave me the permission but then I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Well the last perm I did was in 2010. I’ve been wearing my natural hair under extensions since December after my last perm in November the same year. I was on transition for 6months then I didn’t have the idea there was a blog for naturals. During my transition with extension on, I told my room mate I needed a change. I almost lost it cos I was so tired of not for once letting my hair out. She talked me out of it and I didn’t cut my hair on getting to the salon instead I fixed. I did my BC ending of June but I braided with extention. Lately, I decided no more extension or whatever. People can say n act however the wish towards me cos of my hair but my NATURAL HAIR is here to stay. I need styles cos my hair is very coarse n very elastic. My twist turned out very bad n I’m left with just afro as my daily style. Love yhu guys loads

  4. I lv natural hair but thou my hair is not strong especialy my hair line is too light Ill real apreciate yr advice hw to maintain and what to use

  5. I have had a relaxer since i was about 5 years old (22 years). I remember my mom telling me how nappy my hair was. As i became an adult i kept up with the relaxers because i, too, realized just how nappy my hair would get and that was totally unacceptable. A year ago i started dating a man and at that point all i was wearing were lace front wigs. We dated for a whole year and finally he told me that he was going to break up with me if i didnt show him my natural hair. He hated the fact that i were wigs without a good reason. I was so afraid because i hadnt used a relaxer in over a year and my hair was super nappy under my lace wig. I love this man dearly so i took my wig off one day (when he wasnt around) and treated my napps. When i was finally done i was in love with what my natural hair looked liked! I couldnt wait for him to see it. When he did, he loved it, too! He told me never to cover it up again with a nasty wig. So i have not worn a wig in 6 months now and i just adore my natural look. And come to find out, my hair is far from nappy! Its actually soft and curly. I vow never to get another relaxer. Although, i can see myself wearing a lace from time to time. LOL

    • I didn’t realize how curly my hair was until I went back to natural. And then I said nobody is every touching my hair again like cutting it. I’ve always pretty much worn the short cuts. One thing about naturals you can color them without fear of breaking all the time. Naturals are very back in. Rod it sometimes on very small rods straight down. Use grease at your roots. Sleep in one of those moisturize hats.

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  7. hey sistas!! I just wanted to let you all know that I am growing my hair out natural again. Last time I had an afro it was in the 7th and 8th grade thn I permed it because I was going to high school. Wish I didn’t. But I’ll be glad when this perm does grow out. I have so many ideas and styles I want to try. Because not I wont have to buy all these chemicals for my hair. I realized that I love my natural hair. I know how that one girl feels about wearing her afro to school because I felt the same way when I was in middle school. But turned out they LOVED it!! Some wanted their hair like it but had no way to do. Yes I did have some followers come to school within the next few months with a made up afro. We should all bring afros back and keep them here. They are so pretty I don’t see why I permed my hair. and if I ever get tired of the fro then all I have to do is flat iron it. You can play with color as freely as you want. I never really dyed my hair when I had the perm but now Im about to have fun with my hair. Embrace and love it even more Not going to be worried about my hair breaking off. Its such a relief when you embrace who you are and dont have to do what everyone else thinks is beautiful. Truly I think afros are here to stay.

    • Jill Scott was one of the images at this site. First off…I was at her concert at the Chicago Theater and let me tell you! It will be one of the best memories of my life & on my death bed for sure I’ll remember it. I met her at Metro in Chitown years ago because my company KBA Marketing promoted her first tour. She is a proud African-American spirit. To all the sisters & brothers out there…Be real…Be natural… Be proud of your heritage and your physical…as for Afros….baby!… Only Africans give that beautiful gift to our diverse world:) Bring that look back time and time again in fashion, culture etc…It rocks! I Love ya! JC

    • I am excited about my beautiful hair also. Don’t you just love it? I too like you have went back to my hair. What I like about is, it won’t be breaking off no time soon. Can’t wait to flat iron it. Flat irons are made for natural hair when you really think about it.

  8. Love it!

    My hair’s been natural my whole but I’m not great at taking care of it. I’ve been blessed that even then it is quite full and as long as Yaya’s and Jessi M’bengue (who is absolutely stunning btw!) I want to start taking better care of it and am determined to start a regime. I know it grows because I get braids and can see the re-growth, but without proper care it breaks at the ends so the regrowth only replaces the loss!

  9. woohooo! many thx to you, such a great inspiration to us, i landed on your blog looking out for afro hair styles in their natural form, i can’t wait to grow new untreated hair.

  10. I just want to make a comment about us beautiful black women wearing our natural curly hair that the good Lord blessed us with. Do you realize that our race is the only race who’s hair texture is different? Every one else’s hair, chinese, white, indian, spanish etc. all have the same texture of hair. God set us apart, because we were made in His imagine. I’m not knocking anyone elses race, but I feel that I need to encourage some of my sisters out there. Do you realize that alot of black women go to the grave hiding who they are? Whether we want to face the truth or not, we hate our hair and that self hatred stems from slavery. The white people told us repeatedly that we were ugly and that our hair was nappy and bad. All of that self hatred was passed down to us from generations. Whether you agree with me openly, deep down inside you know that I’m telling you the truth. Why else would one of the sisters write that she wants to wear her afro to school, but she was feeling a little unsure? She’s not the only sister that feels that way and that is why we perm our hair. We must ask ourselves why? Why do we perm our hair straight and what’s wrong with our natural hair? Anytime we feel bad or embarrased about wearing our natural hair out in the public, we must check ourselves because something is really wrong with that. We are beautiful and we must show the world that we know that and are proud of it. If enough of us took a stand and wear our hair natural it would encourage other sisters to do the same. Why are we the only woman on earth not wearing our own beautiful hair? The chinese people are making millions of dollars selling us other womans hair due to self hate. You see…there are peolpe capitalizing off of our shame to be who we are. We are the only woman who’s hair doesn’t match our black mans hair, with the exception of a few black men who also wear perms. I know it doesn’t help when our own black men look pass us for someone that doesn’t look like us with straight hair, but we have to be who we are. There are brothers out there who appreciate, love and respect the black womans beauty, so the hell with those fools. I don’t know why I wrote all of this, but maybe some sister out there needs to read this and be encourage. Let’s not let the world take away our PRIDE. We must set an example of pride for our children. It’s time that we let our children see our beautiful imagines beamed all over the world (our beautiful nappy hair, big nose,black skin,big lips and big butts). Me and my two young daughters (ages 15 & 10) wear our natural hair all the time. I’m teaching them pride. I never had a perm before in my life and I’m over 30. All of the black woman look beauty wearing their natural hair and thank you for posting them for us to look at. Stand up and be proud black women and wear your natural hair out. It starts with us. Nobody can do it like we can!!! God bless you all!!!!

    • Very inspirational, sad thing is you will find that in many cases as a young girl, many moms would perm their daughters hair without the daughters evening knowing exactly what a perm is, therefore it has become a regular practice for so many women. And in the country I live in, you can’t even obtain certain jobs if your hair is natural, sad isn’t it, and I’m actually from one of the Caribbean countries where you think they would want to embrace that even more. For the most part, I feel as if we look at ourselves as beautiful, but the truth is our beauty is not accepted everywhere so I think the problem comes in as trying to fit in and look beautiful to not just ourselves but to others, I think it’s more of an acceptance issue, and we don’t even realize it…

    • Right on Sista! I am 46-years young. I wear my hair natural, in a fro, twistes etc. there are sooooooo many styles that I can wear. Now, there are white people out there today that think that naturals (afro) are out of style. Sick HUh? that is like saying black people are out of style. There are those dummies out there that think that white-folks started the fro, and black people copied. Imagine that!

      • So true . . .im from Wolves n determined to embrace my God given afro style. . .where brought up to despise our hair as tuff, ruff n picky. . but escuse me europeans my hair is good n pretty desighned by my God’s own hands and when He desighns something He does a goo. . ood job,. . . .

        say amen to that my black sistas.

  11. I just stumbled across your blog whilst looking for inspiration on going natural (right now my hair is relaxed) and you’ve really helped with your articles on the ‘fro in the workplace and the styles above – am loving!!

  12. I am natural but I get my hair straightened. I have been trying to get the afro look but I don’t know how to style it. I have been on so many websites. This is a good inspiration to get the look I’m trying to get.

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  14. im in 8th grade and i have really long striaght hair and i hate getting perms cause im not letteing out my inner-self i was born with curly and people said i should’t but im chopping off all of my hair and going natural i know it’s going to take time to achieve the look i want but i don’t mind waiting.ans i don’t care what the other kids at school say because im a very strong indivisional and very free spirited so im joing the club-NATURAL PRIDE

    • Go for it! Never let any one say what you like and don’t like, you’ve kinda of cheered me up. My mother just told me that my sister wanted to do my hair again (extensions, I even believes she might upgrade me to a weave…)

      God gave us afro hair, use it. πŸ™‚

      To hear someone younger than me so firmly set upon herself makes me want to do the same. Thank you.

      • If you ladies get a chance please look at Soul Train the Brothers and sister look great with their afros. I cut my afro down for my job I wish that i didn’t. more power to you stay positive this site is truly a blessing for us. right on!!!

  15. I love YaYa’s hair, can’t wait till mine gets that long. I’ve only been natural 1 year so I probably have at least another year before my hair can look that long with shrinkage

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  17. I just luv my afro.. it tells a story all by itself πŸ™‚
    but now I am have a problem with styling it..and I am trying to learn how to get the look like Lauryn Hill in the above photo
    anyone can tell me how?

  18. I just unloced/cut off my locs of 10 years and now I’m rocking a big afro…and I love it. i can twist it and rock it ala Maxwell or just let it be like Jill Scott.
    A lot of people questioned how I could cut off my hair that was at my waist..but I just got tired of dealing with all that hair. Now instead of being weighed down…I feel powerful and carefree. I love my fro!!!! My scalp is sore from the shock of combing my hair againg after 10 years of not combing it at all, but as soon as my hair/scalp gets used to being manipulated and combed….I’m gonna experiment with some temporary colors for the summer! I Can’t wait!!!

  19. thanks a lot. the pictures are a motivator and they show true natural beauty. i WAS having self esteem issues because i just undid my hair(it was in braids) and i don’t want to relax it ever again. i used to have gorgeous hair, now it has split ends… i learned my lesson. but having to go to school with an afro, takes real guts. i got nervous, coz i dont want to look like a train wreck. but these pics got my esteem way higher..

    • @bubbly: Welcome to the blog. I am glad that you have embraced natural hair – it looks great, doesn’t it? I think it is interesting that you mention having an afro at school takes guts. It does but once you do, you will knock them all out πŸ˜‰

  20. Jill, Erykah and Nia are wearing wigs. Nice wigs granted, but how can that be ‘natural’? Erykah always wears wigs these days, but at least she ain’t pretending, I’ve seen her take one off on stage -she’s so real.

    • You asked if wearing afro textured wigs can ‘be natural’ and i am asking you, isn’t it better than wearing bone straight weaves or wavy brazilian lacefront which is obviously so unatural?

      • I’m the one that said that i don’t think that Jill is wearing a wig. But if she is wearing one, she looks damn beautiful in it. And I support people who have a mind of their own and can rock any style they want with confidence as long as it doesn’t cause harm to themselves. That’s why I’m vehemently opposed to relaxers until they come up with one that does not cause chemical burns.

        • Hey Haj, my question was actually meant for Libow Mbongo, cos she commented that wearing afro textured wigs wasn’t natural as opposed to real natural hair. But i have to second you on all that you’ve said, about rocking any style you want with confidence. Its just that i kinda find what individuals like Libow say pretty annoying…grilling someone for wearing something that looked more natural and normal like their own hair and sort of questioning why they weren’t wearing theirs instead…its just an option Libow, trying things out and not necessarily being a patronising sellout. i bet u probably one of those natural hair nazis (lol am not being offensive).

  21. This is how I found your blog, this beautiful post, I want to grow my hair natural and need some inspriation…

    I have it now! these photos are going on my wall…

  22. They have wonderful features! when the hair is short, you do focus on the eyes, cheek bones, lips.

  23. @byrd, Ajuma is it. Gorgeous Woman.

    @SDG: It’s so beautiful! I made this post because I needed to feel inspired about my hair and the photos are amazing!

    @ph2072: They are, aren’t they πŸ™‚

    @breastswildasblkwaves: I am so happy you liked Tanzania!!! It’s also great to hear Tanzania get good reviews. Please stop by again. I think I have linked your blog to my blogrool.

  24. Ajuma is one of my favorite models. She’s gorgeous. Aulelia, about Tanzania– I loved Mwenge! My entire apartment is decorated with cravings and paintings from there. I was at UDSM. Tanzania will always have a close place to my heart.

  25. @Monie: LOL. Lauryn is never going to come back or be back to normal. LOL

    Yasmin is on fire! She is representing East Africa properly. I love that girl.

    But I’m a Wakeema stan. I know loads of people go on and on about Chanel & Jourdan (and they are fab) but they don’t have a patch on Wakeema for me. Probably b/c I love Wakeema’s Afro.

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